PioData & Pioneer Question

Saw a description of some media with the PioData brand for sale at an online store & this caught my eye:

PioData (Made by Pioneer OEM Manufacturer)

Had a google & seems quite a few online places mention this relationship between Pioneer & PioData.

Is this just some kind of marketing trick because as far as im aware, PioData discs are actually manufactured by other taiwanese companies. I have no idea about the actual nature of the relationship between Pioneer & PioData.

Can anyone shed some light on this??

Piodata 4x is Lead Data (Taiwan). These should be avoided as they’re not the best quality.

Piodata 8x is Taiyo Yuden (Japan). Now I have not used 8x Taiyo Yuden discs, but their 4x discs are close to if not the best DVD-R discs around.

Piodata (according to their website), don’t advertise anything to do with Pioneer as far as I can see.


As far as I know there is no connection between PioData and Pioneer.

So dealers telling the opposite is lying, it probably increases their sales as people thinks it’s quality media. But most 4x PioData is crappy Lead Data media :Z