Piodata or not

Was going to use the piodata firmware on my 108 to get bitsetting,
but not sure if its worth it,
most modern DVD players will play DVD-r no problem but I was thinking
would bitsetting to DVD-rom help backups play
on the ps2 or xbox

On the Xbox with samsung drives, it is necessary. I used it with my 108, and use it with my 109 (bitsetting). If your Xbox or PS2 read +R media w/o bitsetting, then I say stick with the Pioneer firmware which is slightly newer at v1.19 vs Piodata’s 1.18.

I am new to the world of X Box Modding. I have problem done over 400 movies and now want to venture out. How do you Copy Xbox games to your hard drive so you can play them and do you need a mod chip. Some one told me to get another hard drive to copy games to and keep the original so i can continue to use the x-Box live features. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am clueless as to what software you use, what disks what mod chips ETC ETC

Look for a forum called Xbox Scene, not sure if I can post the direct link, though it is a legal forum. There is a plethora of information there for anything Xbox related. You will need a mod chip, or at least an exploit if you want to play game backups. If you want to be able to use live, then a mod chip with an on/off switch is your only option.