Piodata Firmware 1.18 Released!



Here it is!


Does it still provide automatic bit setting of DVD+R media? :slight_smile:


Hmm, does our dvd not set to bookcase type ie dvdrom anyhow ?
im asking cause im not usre, as i have had no probs on any media in any firmware real or hacked, ive burned everything it burns bar dual layer and played everything it plays bar dvd ram crap. cause i not own any the 2 above :slight_smile:




I am surprised they don’t mention this anywhere as it would be a HUGE advantage for them. Why buy a Pioneer branded DVD recorder when you can get a Piodata Pioneer that does automatice bitsetting to DVD-ROM? I picked up an OEM Pioneer DVR-108 just to use the Piodata firmware with. I got a Pioneer DVR-A08XL in the main PC that I only use with DVD-R since it won’t bitset +R. Wish Pioneer would just give in.


I agree. I am purchasing a DVR-108 now that it appears that Piodata plans to continue supporting the bitsetting.