PioData DVS-S21DBK


I saw the new firmware available at Piodata’s website.


Yep, Vinpower-Support gave me the link. I made two burns with it

But problem with MCC 004 is still active, at least if scanning with a LiteOn

The updater is picky, I tried 3 different SATA-chipsets to get it work


You mean Sata to USB chipset?


Did you report the problem to Vinpower?


Yep, they give me the new FW and I should try it. I will send them The latest results


Nope, because my PCs with bunches of ODDs need more than the onboard-SATA have PCIe-cards which offer also SATA, chipsets from Marvell, JMB, AsMedia, Silicon Image, LSi


If they are using firmware from LiteOn and manage to solve the problem, then there is a chance that it will also be resolved for LiteOn drives too.


Does vinpower write their own firmware versions, completely independent of LiteOn ?

The question is whether Vinpower provides their fw patches back to LiteOn. If they do, then another question is whether LiteOn actually uses any of these vinpower fw patches.


Vinpower offers newer FW than LiteOn, so I guess they really dow something by their own. But I doubt LiteOn will get these FW

Features of Vinpower-only FW:

4x-writing with some DVD-media
8x CD-R-writing with some media
Overburning of DVD+R DL


At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if LiteOn has already tried to sell their dvdr drive division to one of their large clients, such as HP, Lenovo, or even Vinpower.

HP and Lenovo would probably have extensive experience with running large manufacturing and intellectual property divisons (ie. patent payments, etc …).

Though I don’t know if Vinpower would have the deep pockets and/or extensive experience in running their own large manufacturing operations.


Dunno how big Vinpower is, if they can handle this. I have seen Vinpower also uses LG-BD-R-drives and some disc-duplicators with Pioneer BD-R-drives


New firmware from Piodata that fix the MCC 004 burn quality issue.