PioData DVS-S21DBK

VinPower also announced soon under the PioData logo DVD-S21DBK drive.
By design, I suppose it’s a clone of the Pioneer DVR-S21 model.

The name is similar, indeed :wink:

Esperanza CD-R 870MB Plasmon 97m27s18f
PioData DVR-S21DBK fw.1.D9
ImgBurn x 16

BenQ CD-R x52 Printable Daxon ATIP:97m22s67f
PioData DVR-S21DBK fw.1.D9
ImgBurn x 16

Maxell Music XL-II 80 CD-R AUDIO Ritek MID:97m15s17f Made in Tajwan
PioData DVS-S21DBK fw.1.D9
ImgBurn x32

Philips CD-R x52 CMC 97m26s66f Made in Tajwan
PioData DVR-S21DBK fw.1.D9
ImgBurn x 48

AUDIOFORCE CD-R 700MB x52 Plasmon Data Systems Ltd-ATIP\MID: 97m27s18f
PioData DVR-S21DBK fw.1.D9
ImgBurn x24

PlexDisc DVD-R Printable Inkjet Matt MID : OPTODISCR016
PioData DVR-S21DBK fw.1.D9
ImgBurn x8

The PioData DVR-S21DBK and PioData DVR-S21 DBK Plus are both tested.
Soon the test will also be available in English.

The English version of the review is now available here.

I saw now the pic of this Piodata , and it looks like an older LiteOn-drive.

BTW, Thank you guys for this very big test :slight_smile:

Question: You tried to overburn DVD-R and +R DL, did you also try DVD+R?

On page 11 Mini CD DVD the screenshots of the advanced Benq test are out of range, it´s better to place the results below the screenshots :slight_smile:

There is no possibility of overburning on DVD + R, DVD-R, DVD-R DL.

I will check these BenQ CD-R Mini tests

Yeah, great review!

Sadly all overburning capable drives are vanishing.

It vanished long time ago, hm?

My only dives which could do that were made til 2006 or something, Plextor 755/760 and original Benqs. But both could only overburn DVD+R, IIRC

Never had a drive which could overburn -R, but IIRC some Pioneer and Pioneer-clones could do it.

However, some newer drives like Pioneer DVR-S21 (QSI) and Pioneer BD-drives don´t read data beyond 4482MB

Tried to get a Piodata at Amazon, but after a week the available 5 drives vanished

IIRC, Nu-tech drives could overburn DVD-R too.

In comparison “many” drives could overburn DVD+R & DL, of course the famous real Plextors and some BenQs.

Huh, in general? Didn´t I read somewhere the Piodata and Optiarc 5290S can only overburn specific DL (MKM 003)?

And the next question: Can other/actual drives read those media?

They should, but overburning media is always a risk and not necessary anymore since years (to overcome copr or similar).

BTW, also those famous Nu-Tech dvd burners had a BenQ design. :wink:

Overburning DVD was more an experiment and because DL are much more expensive. Verbatim DL-media costs over 4x the price of SL

NuTech was rare here, even I had none. But it´s interesting it overburns -R, especially if it was a Benq-design. Benq always push +R and maybe it was the only brand which had a 16x DVD-writer which only support +R

@ czary2mary

BTW, the correct name of the Piodata is DVR-S21, not DVS or DVD :wink: