PIODATA DVR-108DX and SecuROM V5.03.06.0002

I just bought a copy of Half Life 2 (DVD) which is protected by SecuROM V5.03.06.0002 and I want to make a backup copy of it. I’m wondering if my Pioneer 108@PIODATA can cope to burn a working copy…

I kind of doubt it. Here is a review of the Pioneer A08 and it didn’t do well with copy protection. I, personally, don’t expect it to do so. It would just be a bonus.


I don’t believe any drive is capable of backing up the HL2 disks yet, but I could be wrong. I know when it was first release (HL2) nobody could back it up, things may have changed in a couple of weeks. I hope there’s a way, cause I hate to use my 5 disk set to play the game, wouldn’t wanna damage such a great game. :slight_smile:

The Plextor PlexWriter Premium has been reported to be the best SecuROM copier around. I have one but cannot use it because I have the DVD version: if I had had the 5 CD set, I would have been able to make a working copy.

Anyway I am going to try copying it with TwinPeak and the topology informations with BlindWrite… hope it works.

Seems that not much has changed in that case since years… Plex always did it well.