PIO DVR 212 vs NEC 7200

Hi there

I’m Vik from England

Temp unemployed, looking for a starting position to get on track to a technical position in IT. Have completed a DipHE in Business IT so I know my basics and intros to various languages, system design/planning/implementing etc. I’ve successfully completed the first part of the CCNA Cert, but the course I was on did not allow me to go further and at the time it was a bit too expensive for me continue.

So I like to think I was fed a lot of Kedgree (mix and mash of everything) which de-motivated me from completing my degree as I could not see any direction.

What annoys me is that after seeing others start the course recently I compared it to when I started it and theirs is more structured and well taught.

Woh… too much info for a forum intro, anyone would think I was in an interview!

Anyway I just generally browse the sites looking for new interesting info. But today I have a specific reason for being here and signing up.

I need to know which is better

Pioneer DVR212IV or NEC AD-7200S-01 DRN-AD7200S-IV

The difference is quite minimal the NEC has faster read/write speed from the specs whereas the pioneer has a quicker access time.

These are the obvious differences I spotted. But which would you choose. I am really looking for quality and I narrowed down to these two as they are available to me locally and I read up on reviews but now I am hung up on which to buy.

Any ideas? I am open to other models to some extent though they have to be available of course but please do justify why I should go for it.

Thanx anyway.

Hi vik11,
Pioneer is a little bit better DL media burner, Optiarc is a better burner for SL media. Basically. :bigsmile:
Personally I would choose an Optiarc.

Thanx pepst for your reply. I looked further in to what drives are available and another suitable candidate has arrived. so lets add to this list, after reading reviews and doing some comparing, the Samsung SH-S203B. Anyone care to comment on out of the three which would you choose or if you have any one of these can you justify why its better than the others.

So Pepst has established that maybe the optiarc is the one to go for being the better burner for SL media when compared to the DVR 215. Which is true as I cannot record ever writing to DL. But really I’m after overall quality and something thats has a good rep for lasting.

So again the choices here are the SH-S203B, AD 7200S and DVR215.

I need help deciding so any help will be appreciated.

Thanx again pepst.

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome on board vik11. :iagree: :clap:
My current setup.
Samsung SH-S223F - Reading/ripping. (Newer but not necessarily better than the 203B).
Pioneer DVR-215D - Burning media (mainly DL, but good with SL). (Replacement for the 21).
NEC DVD RW AD-7203S - Burning SL mostly.
Lite-On LH-20A1AP or S - scanning.
BenQ LS DW-1655 - scanning.

I had a defective 203B that soured me a little on the drive. The replacement 203B is fine, but I prefer my Pioneer 215L over it for SL burns, especially on some relatively mediocre Prodisc made MCC004 Verbatim disks I am using at the present time. Haven’t tried DL with either.

The Pioneer is considerably louder than the Samsung if that is a consideration.

Can’t speak to the AD 7200, as I don’t own one.

Wow zebadee thats quite a set up. Didn’t think one person would need so many drives. But I see that one may need them each for their personal qualities.

But one thing you have done is totally confused me. I thought ripping and burning were the same? I’ve got to be stupid not to recognize their not. And why would one also need a machine just for scanning. I get what scanning is but I obviously have no idea what the technical term being used for this medium is. Note to self - Find out what these terms actually mean! Only then will I be able to figure out how to choose the drive suitable for me.

Don’t suppose you could point out the good all rounder and most reliable for me?

Hi keery thanks for your input. I know what you mean about the first item being faulty. I’m like that as well. Recently had bad exp with red cars and with Astras so and whats worst is the last one was a combination - red astra! Although I know the cars are great for general use, I would think twicw and then twice over again before I went for an Astra.

Anyway You big up the Pio 215 which goes with along with the success of its predecessors/cousin 115/112/212? so Thats possibly what I’ll go for. This is confusing the hell out of me! lol

Hi :slight_smile:
If I had to have just one drive.
Then the Pioneer 215D, would be the one.
Reasonably fast as a burner, with very good to excellent quality over a wide range of media. Inc DL.
I also like this drive as a reader/ripper.
Samsung is marginally quicker.
Reading & ripping are pretty much the same.
Reading is about accessing data via s/w like PowerDVD for viewing.
Ripping is similar only data is accessed & transferred to HDD or another disc.
Obviously burning is the actual writing of said data.
The Pioneer’s have for me since the 110, been consistent. In providing reliable, quality burners.

thanx zebadee

puts my mind at ease. from what you’ve told me I can see there is no justified reason to buy the samsung over the net and wait for it, although maybe I would still be wondering if my locals stocked it lol. And with its history it seems that the pio takes the edge over the nec. I was wondering though why it has not had so many reviews but thats possibly down to ppl still owning the previous versions, or that competition is really stiff?

One prob though, while writing this I was scanning the local stores web site and guess what they don’t have it in ivory aaaaarrrrrgggg!!

So now I got the option of ordering and waiting for either the samsung or the pioneer or just go to the shop tomorrow and buy the nec. I’ll need to sleep on this and sort my priorities.