Pio 116D->116 writing

Hey there!
I’ve been reading lots of comments here, but found none answers for the kinda scan I get writing with my new 116D->crossflashed to 116! Please give me an answer, is my writer bad? Or just these DVD’s are low quality? Sorry for my language if i wrote bad something!! After succecfull writing of TDK, and Verbatim DVD’s, I get this kind of scans! What is wrong! There supposed to be a continous line, no shaking ?!?


Crossflashing to a 116 won’t solve your issue. Try another IDE cable, be sure it’s the 80-conductor type.

[QUOTE=KTL;2234162]Crossflashing to a 116 won’t solve your issue. Try another IDE cable, be sure it’s the 80-conductor type.[/QUOTE]

I’m using asus 80 conductor cable about 4-5 years, never had any troubles with my previous 112 writer! Maybe replace with a new one? But I had Pio 112 on this place, and never had any problems! P5K-E motherboard, with a pio DVD-rom and a writer on one cable!!

THX for help

Use the 116D as master if it isn’t already. Or remove the DVD-ROM and check the transfer rate again.

I don’t see anything wrong with the Transfer rate scans, and as far as i know the 116 isn’t the best and faster reader, and also your scans don’t have any major slowdonws in your TRT’s, so for me those discs are OK, but if you want you can try them in another dvd-rw.

Okay I will test it in another dvd-rw writer, but this read shaking or bouncing is totally strange to me! Never had a writer which wrote discs like this!

Here is a transfer rate of my 215 and my liteonm i hope that this will solve your question about the TRT’s.

Hey Thanks VRoom for sharing your TRT’s, the most satisfying would be, if somebody with this same writer would post his scan! My other problem is, I can not revert my crossflash to get 116D from 116 otherwise, I would return my DVD-RW to the shop where I bought it, to check it. As far as I know there still no possibilities to revert, or? Someone know a chance? THX

My DVR-116D will only work in DMA unless it is the slave, as a master it refuses to come out of PIO.

Could be a controller only problem.

I scanned the same disc in other dvd-rom, and really there is no problem in that scan!! But i’m curious what is the problem in scans with my 116. Before with my other writers I did not see this much difference in scans!!