PIO 112D question (just installed)

Firmware Version 1.09
Serial Number GCDP364083WL
Disc DVD+R
Capacity 4.20 GB

First I did a TRT on some discs and it doesn’t go above 2,3X (so it would produce a straight line)
Then I tried to rip something with it to the HDD but it is very slow.
What is the solution to bring the read spead above 2X?
I also have a 107D in my PC and that works as usual.

I haven’t burned anything with it yet until this is fixed. Thanx!


Did you check what DMA mode your 112D is on? That should be UDMA4. Also make sure you are using an 80 wire cable.

The culprit could be the IDE cable?? I’m not sure what’s in it right now,maybe a 40?

Edit: thanx for the tip,that’s what I was thinking about the cables,I’m gonna pull the PC apart and check it.

The problem could also be that your drive is in PIO mode (no pun intended) instead of DMA mode.

I suggest you read this article:

DMA reverts to PIO

and also this thread:

Troubleshooting: Enabling/Checking DMA in Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me, 9x

After installing the new cable,where can I set the UDMA4 mode? (indeed,where can I see what mode it is set right now? Using XP)

Drage,I checked it and the two Primary IDE channels are in "“DMA If Available” mode(not Pio)
It also says ULTRA DMA 2 mode, the other is ULTRA DMA 5

Well, the Pioner 112 is supposed to run in UDMA Mode 4, so there’s a problem with the cable or with a setting in your BIOS.

Thanks guys, I’m going to get new cables tomorrow and report back.
Are these settings and cable issues also affect the [I]writing [/I] on 112D?

I’m not sure about writing quality, but you might also receive all sorts of error messages during reading or burning besides slow performance since it’s not working 100% correctly.

It will affect reading, writing and the general “working ability” of the drive in 99% of all cases.

I’ve checked the cables, they are IDE80 type,this was the setup:

IDE 1 ----> PIO 112 ----> small HDD
IDE 2 ----> HDD (rack) ----> PIO 107
the master HDD is on a Sata cable
both burners are set to ‘slave’.

What I did is that I have switched the two Pios. Now the 112D works up to 10X then goes into CAV? (I did TRTs with it,see enclosed).
The Ultra DMA modes are not changed , therefore the Pio107 is now DMA 2,the 112 is at DMA 5.
I still can’t achieve the max. speed,should I set it to DMA 4? (how to do that in BIOS?)

No way.

A 4,5GB disc takes about 4 minutes to copy to the HDD with the 112D right now (drag&drop). Is that it’s highest speed? I’ve been thinking that the Nero CdSpeed is outdated (vers.2.11.4f)
The Pio 107’s speed (which I put on IDE 1 where the 112 was) has dropped to 2X. You have to set DMA 2 to 4 for this older model? Or there is something wrong with that IDE 80 cable…

I also burned a disc with the 112 at 8X, seems ok TRT wise,the buffer went down briefly during the first half of the burn and the disc spinned up (maybe it’s normal for this burner?).

I thought about putting the 107 on the same IDE as the 112 (slave/master),is it ok to operate two drives on the same cable?

I just did this and the Pio 107 works ok again. Still can’t do proper TRT on 112

I was hoping that should work…because I was thinking that your IDE HDD on the same cable with the 112 was affecting your drive performance if you were using your IDE HDD for Nero TRT test before.
Anyway, that shouldn’t matter now since you put both burners on the same IDE cable.
What are your jumper settings and DMA mode now?
BTW, the 107 should run in UDMA2. And your HDDs are running in UDMA5.

The IDE settings are the same as before, UMA 5 for the two Pioneers,the other is at UMA 2 (no burner attached now).
After the 10X TRT is finished,the burst rate is displayed at 7MB/s. Shouldn’t be higher?
It gives bad TRT on all my YUDEN003 that I’ve burned at the 107.

Try uninstalling the IDE controller that the drive is on and rebooting.

Uh, I mixed the two IDEs, the burners are on IDE 2 (DMA 2) so this has to be changed in BIOS, I will try to find a manual how to do this. I’m really just your ‘average consumer’,this is way beyond me but I have to do this regardless :o
Is there a step-by-step instruction on how to uinstall the Ide controller?Or simply “remove”?

go into device manger and uninstall the IDE controller there and reboot and let windows find and reinstall it