Pio 112d in a enclouser

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-112D / DVR-1810. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]i has been using a pio 112d in a enclosure to burn dvd for a few months, it
was working very well.but it refused to work now, here is the issue, (nero 8)

it will start to 2 Or 3% and then stop, the light flash for a while and stop,
the program stacks there for quit a while , and then give a error, the device is
unavailable, even i close all other program, still the same issue.

i used the tool of nero to test the speed, it works very well in simulate burnning, and it works on other laptop can burn dvd without problem.

it seems the communication problem,i tried to updat firmware and uninstall the usb controller and reinstall it, it won’t work, i dont’ want to reinstall the OS, any good suggestions ?


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To exclude a damaged drive, I think that a good way is trying to install it internally on a desktop (maybe you can ask a friend to do a test).

Alternatively, it can be a problem in the external box. Can you try a new USB cable? Can you try to install the drive on a different box (again, you can ask a friend if you don’t have a spare one).

Another possibility is that you installed some software that can cause conflicts. For example, Alcohol (if not correctly configured) can cause issues, but also packet writing softwares like InCD can cause drive malfunctioning (most of times with rewritable discs).

What discs are you using exactly? Also a very low quality disc can cause these problems. What burning software are you using? Can you post a log here? :slight_smile:

Error ! - Disregard

it works when i connect to other laptop, so should be no problem on burner and cable, and the usb port is good too, cause i use the webcam and wireless mouse without issue.
and it is not the problem of the disk, cause i can burn it, when connect to another laptop

@ heaventxu,

Your “Its not the problem of the disk, cause I can burn it, when connect to another Laptop” test of Disk Quality is unfortunately not a valid test of Disk Quality.

Provide the Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: TYG02) of the Media you are attempting to Burn. To obtain Media MID use a software utility similar to DVDInfo (http://www.dvdinfopro.com).

Exactly what is the undisclosed “Error” that you are receiving. Provide the fully complete untruncated Error Narrative and Error Code you are receiving.

Also provide a Nero Log of a failed Burning attempt for analyst.


Make sure the USB port is fully powered, meaning, turn off power saving if you are connecting it directly to a laptop port, or, if you are connecting it to a hub, stop doing that (burners and hard drives should NOT be connected via hubs), but if you’re hard-headed and want to do it anyway, make sure it’s a powered hub.