Pio 112D FW 1.22 Blank CD's?

Anyone having issues with blank CD’s with the latest firmware (1.22) ?

I dont usually burn CD’s but had to burn an audio cd the other day and the 112D would not even recognize the blank CD.
I was using “Verbatim super azo” CD’s , cannot tell you the ID as the drive wont get that far.
I havent tried any other brands of CD as i dont have any, all i know is the 112 used to read them a while ago, not sure what firmware i was using at the time.

Is there any way of reverting to the 1.21 FW (which is still the latest firmware on the UK pioneer site) ?

@ xaudiox,

Suggest reviewing the following Pioneer Web Link concerning problems with some Pioneer DVR-112 series Drives reading/recording CD Media ->


Suggest reviewing the CDFreaks Pioneer DVD Burner Forum postings as ALL the pertinent particulars on this subject has been thoroughly and completely discussed numerous times.

To assist you in your CDFreaks Pioneer DVD Burner Forum review of this issue suggest narrowing and focusing your review to postings made by Forum Member Brad-Pioneer (Brad Morton/Product Specialist/Pioneer Electronics Australia).


I am totally convinced my issue is firmware related as i have 2 of these drives in the same PC and have burned some CD’s in the past.
Its highly unlikely that Both of the drives are defective. (both manufactured May 07)

I ask again, is it possible to revert to a previous firmware ?

Okay, to make the ultimate test:

Boot up into SAFE MODE, then try to burn your CDs.

Since when has safe mode fixed a firmware issue ?
It will be exactly the same.

@ xaudiox,

I find it difficult to believe Pioneer DVR-112D v1.22 Firmware is causing your “problem”. If in fact Pioneer DVR-112D v1.22 Firmware were “defective” this Forum and other Web Forums would be flooded with Pioneer DVR-112D v1.22 Firmware complaints which a Forum search reveals isn’t the case.

What was the result of booting in the Safe Mode and attempting to Burn CD’s?


Agree with bjkg I don’t believe it’s the FW thats causing the problem

I can tell you it isn’t - not one single thing to do with CD Recording was changed between 1.21 and 1.22, so if your flash completed OK, nothing should have changed.

What is your motherboard configuration?

It hasnt to be because that is no firmware issue.

I only think this is firmware related because i am 90% sure i have burned a CD on these drives in the past. (but like anyone else here i could be wrong)

MB Config :
IDE 0 Master = Pio 112D FW 1.22 Ultra DMA Mode 4 , Slave empty.
IDE 1 Master = Pio 112D FW 1.22 Ultra DMA Mode 4 , Slave = Samsung SH-D162c Ultra DMA Mode 2
80 Pin Cables all round , DMA on.
All Hard Disks are SATA

@brad-pio , It is possible that i was on an older firmware than 1.21 when i last used CD, possibly 1.15 !!

Safe Mode : still the same, 112D spins constantly and does not recognize the blank CD.

Please post the manufacturing dates of both 112Ds!

Please post the manufacturing dates of both 112Ds!


Good catch, I’ve missed that this time. :wink:

Don’t worry I’m much worse. :frowning:

As for the topic, I guess it’s still possible a few defective drives slipped through.

You never know for sure. :wink:

But I’d like to see the result from the SAFE MODE & burn test.

(Bought same store same Time) Both Manufacture date’s are identical : 07 - 06 - 29
I thought it was May 07 , looks like Its June 07 (almost AUG) my mistake.
These are way past March 07 (when the bad drive issue was “fixed”)

Chef , I cant post a burn result from Safe Mode as the drives still wont detect the blank CD.

2 in a row is unlikely since the original fault has been corrected, but nothing is impossible.

Actually give me the build date off the sticker, anything else can be unreliable.

Sticker = Dec 06 , well thats my problem solved anyway.
Cant find the reciepts either so i’m stuck with them. :frowning:

Just have to use an old Lite-on drive + usb adapter that’s lying around somwhere for writing CD’s.

What a complete balls up from pioneer !!

I dunno where you are located but you could try the US link anyway if you’re in the US.

Anyway lesson for everyone here, never rely on build date except the sticker!

Try your luck with a return anyway, maybe you’ll be lucky.