Pio 111d@111L sata interface

I’m testing my 111L connected with an ide to sata converter … seems to work pretty nice …ripping / writing… quality seems ok …any suggestion on how to test it …?

προτα απολα κανε σοσιμο ως PNG αρχειο. Ti evoις ‘test it’?? Χρισιμοπιισε αλλα τιπι δισκουσ, κανε και μερικα transfer rate tests, κτλ. Scuse if my grammer is crap, its been a long time since i last wrote any greek.

how can i be sure everything works as it should if not better ( or worse)

Scuse if my grammer is crap, its been a long time since i last wrote any greek.

in deed but i like it… :slight_smile:

kala then to exeis dokimasi xoris to sata kai as IDE??? Ego pantos then boro na sou po ti diafora yiati then to exo dokimasei. Then pistevo pos the pai3ei megalo rolo to na exeis to drive os sata pantos. Aplos na kita3eis ta transfer rates kai na deis se pia katastasi ta paei kalitera.

To sata then tha pai3ei megali rolo sti taxitita pou grafeis ta dvd kai cd sou giati then einai to sata i to ide connection, einai aplos to drive. Ean thelis na vakeis kana skliros diskos, tote exe to drive os sata. Pai3e ligi me cd burning kai thes an exeis speed dips, i tipota tetio.

I think transfer rate test is nice … I use the sata connection cause i had a free sata port on my mobo (the other 3 have hard disks and the 2 ide controllers are also ocupied)… still have the feeling the drive is performing better…

@ gregtherotterius eixes dikio se png einai kalytera…

ripping is also looking good… thanks to ala42 i suppose

Looks good, I have the same controller onboard here.

What did you pay for the adaptor?

found 2 of them made by gigabyte on a pc store sale came from retail accesories of a mobo can’t recall the model … came cheep enough 3 euros each

they work ok with LG , NEC , and PIONEER but when i connect my Benqs nero (only) crashes every time i open “nero start smart” and have to reset my pc…

Sweeet! What is the model number on it?

no model number … just the logo “gigabyte technology”

Thanks. Has anyone seen any IDE to SATA adapters in Canada?

i dunno, i cant help but feel you would get better transfer rates with ide but opos thes lol :bigsmile:

Thanks for the info, papaki63!

IDE to SATA adapters retail for about $35-$45 here in Australia, I also have a Gigabyte adapter, I can’t remember which GB MB it came with, one brand that I have seen on sale is SkyMaster, they are a generic brand but from all accounts they work well.

Just a little reminder to use English only in this forum please. :wink:

just being friendly :bigsmile:

felt nice … greg…
@codeking we are really friendy people here in mediterenean sea and we like to express it anyway we can , but ofcourse you 're right… visit us and pm me when you do…