PIO 109 with Firmware 1.13

Hey pplz,

Just curious that my new Pioneer 109 came with firmware 1.13 as shown via nero info tool:

Nero InfoTool 2.21

Drive Information

Type : DVD±R/RW DL Recorder
Firmware Version : 1.13
Buffer Size : 2000 KB
Date : 05-01-29
Serial Number : DLDC0XXXXXWL
Vendor Specific : 05/01/29 PIONEER
Drive Letter : H:
Location : 2:0
Mechanism : Tray
Read Speed : 40 X
Write Speed : 40 , 32 X

Mount Rainier : No

96, RAW DAO 16, RAW DAO 96

Region Protection Control : RPC II
Region : None
Changes User : 5
Changes Vendor : 4

Ideally, I want to find a RPC1 patch for it, but at this stage it doesn’t seem that will happen, so I’ll have to use the other tools like Region free, etc.

Reading some of the threads, it seems that indeed it’s possible to go sideways and flash this to a A09XL but this is mainly for the riplock. Also there is indications that the BUFFALO firmware will allow a higher DVD burn increase on DL discs to 6X.

I got a supplemental note with my drive saying that the following speed increase has been added already, so it seems there is no reason to go towards this buffalo firmware. (Or am I missing the point)

Now looking at available firmwares for the 109 - it seems my current FW is not listed? It that because it’s has no difference to the first release like the FW-109 or that the 1.17 is much better and it was pointless to link it?

If this is FW 1.13 is required for anyone, let me know a way to extract & save it and I’ll post it, otherwise I may just go for the straight 109–>A09 change.

At this stage I only have some old princo’s 4X lying around so I just want to finsih them off b4 I go and get some better quality disc. So maybe I’ll use the drive as is b4 I flash it to a higher release, unless this release is crap.

Your thoughts?

1.17 is the latest, no idea of the state of 1.13 since it doesn’t even seem to exist, A09 cross flashing will void your warranty and enable ripping at 12x or so or provide a nice expensive doorstep (milleage do vary!), Buffalo doesn’t add anything new except that for me the buffer fluctuation are gone but it is riplocked.

So at least we should give credit to Pio for the incredible amount of firmware we can use on this thing it’s a firmware sucker :slight_smile: :o

I agree, it’s weird that this drive has a firmware not yet seen or at least not reported.

I will try and do some tests when time permits, but this may be a chore in itself as I hardly get time to backup DVD’s. I mainly use the drive for storage.

But if anyone wants the firmware, advise on how to suck it out and I’ll send it to em.


That firmware came with a bunch of drives.

I recommend to update to 1.40 immediately.


my pioneer 109 drive also has firmware 1.13 and i’m not able to burn cds ( i could only burn 1 cd, the next 4 times resulted in failure) no cdrw burning also, all 4 or 5 cdrw tries failed or had errors
BUT i was able to burn 2 dvds at 8x ( no failure at this… although the 2nd time there where some buffer issues… could be the p2p programs disk usage though)

the problem is: i want to flash this to 1.40, but there is no 1.13 FW on the net… so if the cd burning is a drive defect,bad manufacturing… i flash it to 1.40, cd burning still doenst work and my warranty voids and no RMA for me :frowning:

the other thing, is that i already went to the store to return a 109 drive, because the tray was kind of “rusty” (i dont know the correct english word for this), it made a very strange noise

besides that, i noticed on both drives ( the pio 109 i returned and the one that i have now ) a loose piece (it could be just a screw… or could be something worse)

im really annoyed with all this…

so if i could backup ( or find it on the inet ) my current kernel and firmware v1.13, i could try the 1.40 and see if it solves my problems…

ps: i previously had a pioneer 106 at the same pc with same config… and everything was smooth

thank you very much for any help… im just so pissed/stressed/unhappy with this…

From what I read, the current choice is:
109 1.40 Bitset +R9 only
A09XL 1.40 (Quietdrive + remove riplock) bitset +R9
Buffalo 8.40 (Bitset +R & +R9).

Does flashing OFFICIAL firmware void the warranty - they usually try to wriggle out of covering flashing itself.
The official releases seem to be 1.09, 1.17, 1.40

Your warranty will be valid as long as you flash with the correct firmware for your model.

In fact pioneer even recomend upgrading the firmware from time to time to fix issue (like the 1.05 to 1.09 mandatory upgrade)

Since a lot of people has their problem fixed with 1.40 I consider anybody with problem should start by upgrading to the latest firmware.

It is strange why this firmware is on some of these so called “new” units?

I’ve burnt a few CD’s and have notice the buffer display in nero for the unit dropping from 98% to 4% and the led flickers for a brief moment. I burnt about 8-9 disks before I noticed it something was wrong, but it wan’t until I tried to use a burnt disc from the 109 in another cdrw drive.

These disks are not readable in other units other than the PIO 109. How buggered is this firmware. I personally think PIONEER has dropped the ball with this product.

Now to consider a firmware upgrade, indeed this drive is the worst I’ve ever owned and so I may lean towards the A09XL type.

Hey Chef,

What do u know about this 1.13 version? Why isn’t it as public as the rest?


No idea but why stay on it i flashed 109 to 1.40 in 1st boot up, i had enough to read here about prev FW’s, my 108 was flawless.

LOL Just flash to 1.40, those problem are gone for everyone, except those that keep their old firmware…

No idea, Pioneer would know it probably.

It’s happened with other drives… hardware is spotted carrying a new firmware that is not issued as an update and maybe never is - if rippable, it usually ends up ripped and on unofficial firmware sites.

They released 1.09, 1.17 … then 1.40 - you have to assume that 1.13 was perhaps an interim bugfix, or possibly a first implemenation of a feature - obviously it didn’t make the grade as an update release, unless it was quickly tidied up a bit more and became 1.17

i flashed to 1.40…
burnt 3 cds, 1 cdrw, a couple of dvd-r
all ok…
havent tried the dual/double layer yet, neither dvd*rw… i’ll have to buy some media… but it’ll all be alright :iagree: if not, RMA with you

going a bit offtopic… (i have a pio 109)

  • flashing it to a A09 FW (or A09XL, which is the same), will provide me with the quiet-drive feature and remove the riplocking (removes the 2x dvd-ripping limitation)
  • flashing it to the Bufallo FW, will enable the bitsetting(convert dvd*R to dvd-ROM), which is only usefull for xbox or ps2 owners

am i right on this :confused: and besides that, are any other (subtle) diffences in performance/features ?
once again thanks

BitSeting MAY (Big May…) help if your home reader can’t read either -R or +R since the reader will access the DVD as if it was a real ROM but this is no warranty that the disk will be read error free. That’s about the only avantage of the bitsetting, Personally I do not need the bitsetting that bad, but performance is welcome :slight_smile: