Pio 109 bitsetting on DVD+R DL?

Hi all,

I have a Pioneer 109 that I flashed with the 8.58 Buffalo firmware. All I want is the ability to bitset for +R DL media(I never use +R otherwise). From reading through old posts, I’m really confused, but my understanding gleaned was that even had I kept the original Pioneer firmware, it should’ve done auto-bitsetting for +R DL? Why then, when I recently burnt a +RDL disc with Nero did it not work as expected? Was there something I needed to do manually that I neglected? I couldn’t find any dialogues in Nero to let me change bitsetting, despite the fact that several guides on the net show that they do exist. I’m assuming they remain hidden because my drive doesn’t really allow manual bitsetting, fine, but shouldn’t the auto bitsetting have kicked in? Can someone please clarify things for me? +R DL media is very expensive here in Australia for me to experiment with blindly :frowning:


To check to see that the burned disc is -ROM, open cd dvd speed, and look under the info tab.

Bitsetting is autoset on pioneer drives (capable ones anyway).

If you were backing up a movie, Nero is the wrong choice for burning app. you need to use either IMGburn or dvd.d.

The fact that your disc failed probably has nothing to do with the bitsetting and everything to do with Nero sucking.


+R DL is autoset to DVD-ROM, so you cannot change it!

You have to differ between disctype and booktype.

Okay guys thanks for clearing that up for me, it was just my own stupidity/ignorance :stuck_out_tongue:

I was using Nero Infotool, and all it displayed was ‘type’ which showed DVD+R DL so I assumed something had gone wrong. Nero CD-DVD speed actually has a booktype field and that shows that the disc is indeed DVD-ROM :slight_smile: