Pio 108 +r dl bitsetting?



well i just flash my pionner dvr-108 to a pio-108 got so scared at the the hold your breath part but it flash perfectly i’m just wondering if the pio can set +rw and +r dual layer automatically to dvd rom?

oh yeah…one more thing if the +rw is turn in to dvd-rom can i still erase it or i can.


when i burn a dvd+r in nero it’s still say dvd+r in cd/dvd speed test but when i check it’s dvd-rom …i can’t play it on my dvd player with is a cp67


The Piodata firmware automaticly sets +R media to DVD-ROM booktype, to set the booktype to DVD-ROM with +RW you will need to do a full erase/format and yes you will still be able to erase the +RW discs.

Your burner will always report the media in its true format, if you check the booktype you will find it will have changed to DVD-ROM.

The Piodata firmware is the same as the standard Pioneer firmware except it has bitsetting so I can’t see it causing the problem with your standalone player, what media are you using to create your backups?


forgot to mention my panasonic alone dvd player cp-67 won’t read the dvd+r to dvd-rom i copied it say unable to read this format


is it because of nero that i can’t read it with a dvdplayer or is it the media i use to burn it with? program problem or media problem,?


I don’t think it would be Nero, what version are you using, if you put a non bitset +R in your standalone does it read that, what mediacode is the media that you are using, can you view these backups on other stand alone dvd players?


i’m using a benq dvd+r and sony dvd+rw and none of them work


Can you bitset dvd+dl ?


well it’s it automatic bitsetting for piodata in a dvd+dl


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BTW it bitset’s +RW to -ROM as well…,

No it doesn’t, it only does DVD+R SL and DL.

Hope this is useful


did you try well you have to do a full format of the +rw with the piodata firmware and burn it after


Yes it does, you just have to format the +RW first and then it’ll be -ROM, tested it with the Piodata firmware on my Pioneer DVR-108.


The info was only from an earlier thread,

bitsetting is not for me, my dvd player plays anything thrown at it (so far)