Pio 108 and CMC-MAG-E01

I always thought that the pio 108 was a better -r writer than +r, but I have found a sweet spot with the 108 and the cmc Mag e01
Infact the scans are much better with the pio (even at 12x)than my 1213 or 1213@1653
Have a look anyway

I beg to differ.

Either you’ve got exceptional CMC-MAG-E01 or the 3 spindles - all different brands (1 I bought + 2 were given) are particulary poor examples.

The attached is one of the better examples burnt at 8x (the drive couldnt complete the scan because of too many errors = NO SENSE errors.

I have heard that CMC MAG E01 are pretty variable
I am just lucky then I guess

i’d take a good look at your pif’s. there are kinda high spikes. for my burns i only accept pif spikes of 2 at worst (although for dvd+r there are officially 6 allowed). but that’s just my understanding of a good burn (pie spikes of around ~10 are very good though).

A single spike is nothing to worry about. Honest
It could be down to the mediatek chipset in the litey scanner.

Pio 108 with ricohjpnr01
admittedly @4x burn which is the rated speed for the media