Pinpointing files where bad burn area occurs



Hi there,

first off, thanks to codeguys for the eeprom resetting utility - my burner (812S@832S) has somehow got itself into a conundrum such that if I don’t reset eeprom before every burn, it produces a bad burn from the 2nd post-reset burn onwards (PI Max 180, PIF Max 62).

However, when I reset it before a burn (and I do this everytime before burning now)…I get pretty good results imho…

Attached below is a burn after I reset the eeprom.

What I’m wondering is, the part near the end where the PIF goes up to 6, how can I (or can I) tell which of the data files on the burned disc have been burned poorly?
Is there a program I can use to pinpoint which are the burned files that raised the PI/PIF levels?

Related to this, anyone think that the PI/PIF level rising at the end is serious?

Thanks for helping.


No, there’s nothing that will tell you what file that point on the disc is. It doesn’t look like anything to worry about. Just do a Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test or scan disc test to make sure it doesn’t case a read error. If you get a smooth CAV scan then the disc is good. :slight_smile:


@ ffn
I get those ‘tower’-type seemingly out-of-nowhere spikes sometimes when there is a spot/flaw on the disc. You might even be able to see a darker/lighter spot, near the outer edge in this case. Sometimes it can also be caused by some dust stuck on the disc before burning, or a manufacturing flaw. I am now in the habit of looking over the disc before burning. If it has outer-edge flaws, I save it for a non-full-disc burn (<4GB). Those type discs usually occur at the first or last several discs in a spindle…maybe happens from tilting/rubbing/banging against each other during shipping


Thanks for your help CodeKing and Please…
what do you know! the disc is the last disc of my 50-spindle cake box!

I don’t see any physical marks or smears or the disc though but I did perform a SCAN and the CAV was smooth (relatively, there were little jaggies but overall quite smooth).

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