Pinoneer dvr-109 autodetect problem

i am having a very irritating problem with my pioneer dvr-109 dvd writer and hope someone can please help me fix it.

the problem is that the drive is unable to auto-detect any cds or dvds put in it. this means that if i am trying to install a game, such as sims 2, when i put in disk 2, as it asks, it is unable to realise that the disc is in the drive. i have downloaded the latest firmware for the drive to no avail. the drive will also not display the name of the cd/dvd in the drive.

can anyone help?


this ain’t a drive problem, this is a (long time known) windows bug.
have you used some special tools to disable autoplay? or installed some special IDE drivers?

Probably trouble with Alcohol and/or CloneCD/DVD again…

i haven’t used any tools to disable autoplay and i dont have either alcohol of clonecd, though i did have clonecd once, but deleted it.
Active at the moment are VIA RAID tool and DVD43.
Could either of those programs be affecting it you think?

CloneCD normally uninstaled then?

I don’t think the other 2 tools would produce that trouble.

Maybe you could find some fix in the m$ support section/troubleshooting online guide.

Check Auto Insert Notification, it’s maybe been disabled for some reason.
Of course, reverse action for you: put a “1” if there’s a “0”… :wink:

“though i did have clonecd once, but deleted it.”
Do you mean to say “uninstalled”? If not, and you only DELETED the program, I bet this is your problem…

Did it ever work?

If it has never worked then it is an install problem and possible conflict with other stuff on your computer.
Official Pioneer 109 Fact-Sheet:

Always a good source for FW issues - Pioneer forum
German forum for burner FWs

FWs from Pioneer Japan
FWs from Pioneer Europe
Major Pioneer reseller
Medion OEM-drives FWs
Pioneer 109 FWs from
Nice FW collection by Flash:
109-FWs from ASUS/Buffalo/Enhanced_XL/MEDION/Pioneer
Mirror for Flashs site:

Non-official 109 Flashing-tool:
Great Flasher by initial_D:
Ability to “crossflash”/force flash and reawake misflashed driv

Look at some of the threads in this forum!

  1. 109BK does not like being a slave on some MOBOs
  2. Must say UMDA4 in device manager
  3. 80 pin cable as mentioned
  4. Doesn’t like some PCI/IDE cards
  5. crossflash using guide below
  6. go to Pioneer109 forum for more detailed help
  7. FW 158 includes more media
  8. Does it burn other media=DVD, other brands?
  9. do a file search for the software you installed and remove all parts of it/also uninstall if that is an option
  10. Use spybot or Nortan and do a system internals inconsistency check
  11. do a disk clean up in windows
  12. use only one type of media play software active at one time
  13. the software you installed may not be compatable with your system or other software
  14. power DVD , all microsoft products, shrink, decrypter, and nero work fine on my system
  15. safe boot and go to device manager and delete stuff that you don’t need like multiple instances of the same drive or hardware no longer in the system/be careful, don’t delete something you are not sure is a duplicate or no longer installed
  16. How muck stuff do you have on your system? Hardware and software! Time to clean that machine
  17. defrag
  18. time for XP and a clean install of all your stuff
  19. get a new Dell/they are cheap and good//anyone can buy at the SB site/just use you name as your business name
  20. uninstall any software you no longer use and deep clean it from the system