Pinnacle tuner card for less than 40$, office depot



I originally saw this on fat wallet, about the third post down
182064 Pinnacle Studio AV/DV Version 9 $42.01
This is a clearance item so it is just a gamble if your local store has one. I just ordered one for in store pickup just a few minutes ago and the price came up 34.02$. Here is how to do it. Go to checkout before trying to add any items, select instore pickup and pick a store, then try to add the item. If item shows not avalable, discontinued etc, then it is not avalable at that store. go to checkout and select another store (if there are multiple stores in your area), then try to add the item again till you find a store that has one (when I found a store that did, I just went ahead and ordered for instore pickup). You could also try your chances just going to the local store if it is near by or calling.


Opps, sorry, that should be pinacle capture card, not tuner card.