Pinnacle Studio vs. TMPEGenc DVD Author

Hello again, I will tell you a short story: a friend of mine wanted transfer some old VHS and capture TV shows, he got pinnacle capture device and also a program called Pinnacle Studio (I don’t know what version, I did not look, but maybe is 6…) he gave to me saying I will get really nice DVD menues and presentations with it, but the thing is I need almost 4 GB of HD space to install it and the true is I don’t know if really worth it…In other head I still use TMPEGenc Author DVD (early versions) to author, I think is simple and I get nice result if I work a little background images, and font colors combinations. The point is…I am not sure what is better, if TMPEGenc or Pinnacle, please tell me your experiences with these 2 pieces of software.

Thank you,

In all honesty, the one that is better, is the one that works the best for you… Some folks like using separate programs for each individual step, and having a lot of creative control. Others want an all in one with wizards to do most of the work for them.

Most of the programs available today will do a very nice job with most video work. You need to figure out what your input/source will be, what you have available for hardware, what you have to have for an end result (multiple tracks, tricked out audio, transitions, special effects, etc…), and then form a decision based upon those criteria…

There will always be people who have preferences for tmpgenc, or vegas video, or adobe premiere, or ulead studio, or ulead dvd workshop.