Pinnacle Studio Movie DV Version 9?

Question… I need to get an external capturing device for my Hi8 camera, VCR. I have firewire so I thought this package (Pinnacle Studio Movie DV Version 9) might be worth getting. I have a DVC 100 dazzle device attached to my USB… but the only editing program that recognizes this device is Moviestar 4.23… I have Nero Ultra Suite 6+ and Media Creator 7, but neither recognizes the Dazzle USB DVC100. Why I don’t know (maybe someone can). Thats why I’m thinking about the Pinnacle package. I know that with the purchase of Pinnacle I’ll have 3 different editing programs, but what else can I do? If anyone has any experience with the Pinnacle or can help on why my Dazzle DVC100 can’t be recognized by my other software, I would really appreciate the suggestions. Thanks