Pinnacle Studio Moveboard 12.1 - Make movie -jitters and shakes



I scrapped the Dazzle capture idea and went with this Pinnacle Movieboard PCI/software. I’m sorry, but it’s way to late to return this for a refund,so as long as I’m stuck with this, I’ll have to make it work.

I originally started in the Studio “CAPTURE” forum, (which I may have to visit again,soon) Next I jumped to “EDIT”, added transitions, and background Mp3 music, one whole song and about 10 secs of a second song with fade out, because I did not like the dead space. So far so good, right? WRONG!
I attemtped to make a short 4 minute video to send via e-mail to my daughter for her birthday. Not knowing if she uses Winamp,Windows Media Player, or Quicktime, I proceeded in this manner…
In the MAKE MOVIE TAB> Under the FILE TYPE, I chose MPEG2, and the PRESET was DVD COMPATIBLE…probably best for burning to DVD to watch on computer or DVD player w/TV?
I opened both Winamp and Windows media Player and it did not play back, a window told me this video is not supported. great.
Next I tried> FILE TYPE, I choseMOV, and the PRESET was FULL SCREEN (DV)same results.
Next, I tried FILE TYPE, I chose FLASH VIDEO, and the PRESET was MEDIUMTried Windows Media Player and a window popped up telling me this video has a unsupported codec missing, or video is corrupted. I tried playing this Flash video in Winamp (yes, all file types are selected, and enabled in Winamp and Windows Media Player v.9, as well) And in Winamp, the payback was terrible and looked unstable,very shaky, meaning it was worse than the playback I was watching on capture,and edit on the program,which looked pretty darn good. I do try to hold camera as steady as possible when shooting video. This Video was captured by an analog JVC camcorder using VHS-C tapes,and for the most part are fine,when I playback even on the camera.
Finally, I tried a AVI file / MEDIUM (which I should have done in the first place) though it did play back in Winamp, it look strobey,and flickered alot. Under the video was this information>AVI:WAVE (1536 kbps) MOTION:JPEG (352x240)
DVD’s are not expensive, but I don’t want to start wasting blank DVDs on a 4 minute video, instead I want to fill it up using menus for different albums, instead of one continuous video.
I want to be able to (1) post on Youtube (2) send via e-mail to friends (3) burn DVD’s. I know there must be different format outputs, I just got to do the trial and error thing, but is it so frustrating!
So I tried the MPEG4 File type…what a waste, and terrible quality, in fact, Windows Media Player could not even open it, and Winamp only played the Audio, no video.
Then I tried to e-mail my video to myself and I got this…“The files you’ve selected exceed the attachment size limit (25 MB). Click continue to send as many files as possible.”
So I uploaded to yahoo video to test it, and the audio background was fine, but the video is alot more shakier and jittery when I viewed back on that site, but when preview it while making the movie, the frames were normal looking.

Is there a compression software utility that will compress the file without making it so degraded when I try to send in an e-mail? larger than 25GB?

Thanks for any help! Jim


Maybe the above post is too much to read…The important thing is this…

With Pinnacle Studio Movieboard 12.1,( PCI and software )…

Am I always going to have jitter and/or frame jumping when I capture analog VHS-C camcorder tapes to make movies? (regardless of starting the camcorder about 10 secs before starting the capture from the software?)

Pinnacle Support told me that Studio 14 has a VCR feature to help with this problem. My other digital camera captures appear to be fine.