Pinnacle studio 9

can anyone familiar with pinnacle studio 9 please advise if it is possible after capture of video, to copy all video to storybook without having to drag and drop each individual frame from album to storybook(which is sometimes 45 pages thank you

I havent used pinnacle studio for a long time now but from what i can remeber it was somethimg like clicking in the captured video album and selecting Edit> select all and all the clips will be highlighted and you drag once onto edit are and all clips will be added automatically

only problem i had was the studio wouldnt always place them in the right order,typical pinnacle software buggy from the word go,and dont ring the tech help line its premium rate even if your software in totally new.

Asid is correct, click one of the scene, select all (Ctrl-A) and drag it down.

Yes, highlight select all and click and drag on one pic and they will all follow. This is a great important tip. Put all of the pics in order ahead of time in a folder by itself as it will be easier to arrange on your desktop then it will by looking at all of the thumbnails in the Pinnacle program. Also, save constantly, I have lost so many projects in Pinnacle due to its instability. Also, and be forewarned to put in all transitions after you have your pics the way you want them. There is some bug with that program that will wreak havoc if you put your pics in and then transitions and then start messing with the order of your pics, it just gets all SCREWED up somehow, don’t ask me why, but I have pulled my hair out a number of times because of this.

If you’re not going to do any editing, you can go into the edit setup and select that it doesn’t do scene detect.

That’s all there is to that.