Pinnacle studio 9: questions how to get more footage on a dvd-r



This is Alonzo from and were currently working on a street racing dvd that is very close to being done. But we currently are having a problem getting all the footage to fit on one dvd-r

When I go to make a video it says that dvd-r doesn’t have enough space

each dvd only wants to put about 28 minutes of footage on it and this happens when I open the movie from any program.

does anyone know how I can get all 80 minutes of the footage on a dvd-r


I think you could have set your audio to PCM which takes alot of space. Try selecting audio as mpeg and see if that helps. Also check out the Bitrate Calculator


Imm check that now



nope it didn’t do anything


Please Someonehelp


After u download your video onto your hdd,edit etc under file choose file,render as,select dvd.It might be worth checking the settings to see what your default settings for the bitrate and audio are.Check that the settings are for dvd not vcd.
Rendering will also encode your video to fit to a dvd,you should be able to easily get one and a half hours very high quality to one dvdr.


It helped alot thanks guys

the dvd is done and up for sale only $9.50

View the trailer



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i don’t mean to advertize but I’m just posting it p just to show you what I got done with the help of this website