Pinnacle Studio 14 - DVD Doesn't contain Sound but Vob does

I’ve posted this on the pinnacle forums but thought it may help to post here.

When I am editing in pinnacle it is fine, if I make a file (avi) then the sound stays. However if I write a DVD I loose the sound. When I explore the DVD and play the sound then vob plays the sound. It makes me wonder if Pinnacle is getting the format slightly wrong although not sure why it seems to be an individual issues.

What I have done is cut a movie right down to a few seconds and then tried the various options in pinnacle (pcm/dolby and mpeg). Non make any difference. I’ve uploaded the ISO that it creates here


If you grab that and use a tool like Daemon Tools lite to mount it

Now try and play it, you’ll see no sound, then explore the disk and play VTS_01_1.VOB in the media player - you get sound. So it sounds like for some reason pinnacle is missing some part of the process.

I’ve also placed my dxdiag Dxdiag

Any thoughts appretiated