Pinnacle studio 12

Please can you explain how to save a ‘movie’ I have made in Pinnacle studio 12.
I worked for ages getting it right but when I saved it (intending to return next day) I can’t open it.
I saved it as ‘My Movie’ in ‘my projects’. I think I am not saving it with the right file endings but being a ‘dumb blond’(now grey!) I need loads of help with file endings not only for saving to my computer but also when I get around to burn my movie…I want to burn it so friends can have a copy to play on their DVD’s…thanks in anticipation

Have you viewed the tutorial which is included with Pinnacle Studio 12? That could answer some of your questions…

As for how you are saving things, you need to set the Options/Preferences for your video and audio. If you are in the US, you need to set your video to NTSC, 720 X 480, and either select best quality, or set it as custom and set bitrate between 8000 and 9900 to get the best video quality. As for your audio, you need to set it to AC3 and 48hz.

When you open Studio, you should be able to select Open Recent, and it should list any recent video which you have saved. You probably don’t actually have video saved, you have a PROJECT saved. After editing, you need to go to the create file or create dvd step to create your mpeg2 or dvd.

If you are unfamiliar with video, I highly recommend that you watch the tutorial at least 3 times before beginning. There are also additional tutorials on the Pinnacle web site which are very helpful.