Pinnacle Studio 12

I’m having such a time getting Pinnacle Studio 12 to burn to a DVD. I’m running WinXP. I’ve been communicating with Pinnacle Support for the last 3 weeks about the issue. I was ‘bumped up’ to Level Two support who even checked out the settings via remote control and couldn’t find anything to speak of.

What happens is that after it renders the whole show, it gets to the end & says ‘Writing Final File’ then stalls. I’ve let it go overnight and still nothing. The movie is 1 hr & 35 mins that I want to burn. I did get it to burn to the DVD, once, and then the transitions were goofed up. That must have been a ‘teaser’. I’ve tried with and with/o a menu.

I was able to burn a 12 min movie, once.

I’ve uninstalled S12 then reinstalled, twice. They requested Diagnostic files, which I sent them. All they said from that was to turn off all Start Up programs and try again. Nothing again.

When I check the VTS that was saved to the HD, it is only about 5mins of my movie.

I finally broke it up into 5 sections, made AVI files of them in Pinnacle, imported them into NERO 8, and burned DVD’s. I’ve burned other DVD’s so its not my DVD burner.

The last thing I did, yesterday, was to cut out 30mins of the movie, so the movie was a little over an hour, and it still did the same thing: “writing final file” forever! :rolleyes:

I’m wondering if others are having this problem?:frowning:

I’ve been tempted to buy different software to see if different software will make my movie, but then again, I may be throwing more money away.

Oh, the AVI files I’m working with are converted from a Digital 8 camcorder, using DAZZLE from Pinnacle.

Is this the first time you are using Pinnacle. If it is make sure your computer specs are up to task for this program. I also would not have Pinnacle and Nero on the same computer. This is just my opinion so do not take it as fact, just something to think about.

Yes, its the first time for Pinnacle and me. My computer is new, so you would think that it can handle it.

Nero came with the CD/DVD drive.

Hi Movie Queen:

Just a thought - Is the 90 minute movie AVI format and you are trying to recode it. If so, is it possible it’s too large to fit on an SL disc? In which case, you could try a DL disc (Verbatim +R DL only).

I don’t get an error message or anything that tells me that I need a DL. The 90min movie is a compilation of AVI & still shots. Its supposed to render into a DVD format, then burn to a DVD.

What is a SL disc?

I’m not sure about the latest versions of pinnacle, but the older versions I have dealt with have always been crap. Pinnacle is also a company that doesn’t put much effort into fixing bugs and problems with their software. Their parent company avid is even worse. With some of their professional stuff (quite expensive), rather than working on making the software compatible, they give you a list of a few computers that the software is compatible with (too bad they are outdated, out of production computers so you have to ebay etc. to get a compatible computer). Some of there hardware is pretty good though (I have a couple of older pinnacle capture/tuner cards that were made in Germany, that are known to be quite good with alternative software).

If all else fails, I would consider other software. I’m sure their are plenty of free trials out there so you don’t have to shell out cash till you find something that works, that you like.

I would imagine you could find some decent free ones here too.

I have used Studio 12, and was able to get my movie to burn to dvd okay, but I had some problems with the chapters. I ended up doing the actual burning with MyDVD. Since this is a new release, it is possible that it has a bug, or that it could be conflicting with some other softwares on your pc. Since you already have your encoded mpeg file, just burn it to dvd with any good burning program…

Thank you [I]Ripit[/I] & [I]harley2ride[/I]. You have confirmed my suspicions. That’s why I decided to look elsewhere (here) for answers.

I’ve thought about burning my movie to a DVD using Nero. BUT, I wanted chapters and I was told that if I make my movie into an AVI file that the chapters wouldn’t work. That’s why I divided up my movie into 5 parts, saved each as AVI, then put them together in Nero & burned to DVD.

What I’m also finding is that some DVD players won’t play this DVD all the way. They start, then go into a ‘funk’ & play like in slow motion, if at all. I guess that’s another issue.

[I]Ripit[/I], I checked out the link you gave and got more confused. Is there a good software program that will ‘do it all’? Let me edit the video, and add stills & music & transitions? I originally got Pinnacle for their Dazzle converter.

Like this forum says, I’m a ‘Newbie’ at this.

Programs that are designed to make a dvd video all out of one program are called all in one converters
I’m not sure which can do all that you want, but it would seem that nero can. I unfortunately have only done simple videos like a few tv shows with a simple menu of buttons for each episode. Looking through the programs though, there are options to edit video, create and add slide shows, add various media files (I tired adding music and it accepted the so you can use music somehow), create chapters, create menus etc.
Under nero start smart, pick the make your own dvd video option. Here are some tutorials that might help
There are tutorials on neros site too

I’m not really sure how nero compares to other all in one converters as like I said, I have only done simple projects.

Ive been using Pinnacle Studio v12.1 for a while. It’s a good consumer product and the price is right although it does have a few bugs!

I’ve been using my hi-def panasonic camcorder recordings and burned to blu-ray disc- i had to render the project about 10 times to get all pages of my menu to work (83 chapters, 46 minutes)

I wanted a DVD version for people who haven’t got a blu-ray player/PS3 but it just wont build the menu 100%-few pages ok but then freezes-different everytime i render, i got 90% of menu working so may have to keep that version-plays fine thou and chapters all work ok!

so some problems but it’s better (IMO) to videostudio which failed to build at all most times, although i DO actually like some of the functions of VS.

What do you think?

Sorry. I don’t know Video Studio so I can’t comment.

What I’ve found is that Pinnacle is fine with short movies…under an hour.

Don’t know if that is a bug, but its a problem, none-the-less.

I personally have not experience this problem, but I have not used more than 10 chapters on the movies I have done so far. You might check out the Pinnacle forum and see if there might be some limitation on the number of chapters you can have.

I too have experienced the infamous “Writing Final File” freezing issue for Studio 12 and I am running XP Media Center Edition. I do not know if the patch they released helps because the patch took out other functionality (obviously they did not test this well before releasing it to the public). This caused me to have to reinstall Studio 11 to regain what the patch took out and then reinstall Studio 12. Don’t install the patch!

It is a shame that this company relies on their users to come up with solutions to their issues. With that being said, I can tell you that my solution that works for me, no matter how long the project is (10 minutes or 2 hours) is this:

Under Tab 3 (Make Movie) select the Settings button. Change the Audio Compression from PCM to Dolby® Digital 2-Channel. There is apparently some issue with the audio compression that causes the final file to freeze up. When I used it last (yesterday, that is) I did not have the progressive encoding nor the re-encode entire movie box checked. I believe that in the past I have had these checked, but for some reason I have not been able to get Version 12 (as oppossed to the older versions) to work with PCM audio compression.

I have also noted that some menus do not render properly either. The second and third pages of “Graduation” (in particular) do not render in Version 11 or 12 I have found. I hope this helps.

[QUOTE=Movie Queen;2117001]I’m having such a time getting [I]Pinnacle Studio 12[/I] to [B]burn[/B] to a DVD. I’m wondering if others are having this problem?:(QUOTE]

Absolutely having this problem - my pc is well over the specs & i’ve spent countless hours chatting with their tech folks, who tell me to save the file and use something else to burn with (which i did successfully - but not before having created several coasters). I just bought pinnacle studio 12 a couple of days ago, installed it & have never been able to burn a disk with it successfully.

Now having the problem of not being able to render the movie at all… what worked before is not working - I put the settings to create content but not burn a disc - and i deleted all the temp files. It either says “burning failed” or hangs on “writing final file” - even if i leave it overnight. I may need to completely re-start the project from scratch - not sure why i was able to create a disc image at one point - except that was before I had menus involved. I’m using the wedding menu & about 16 chapters - it’s a combination of camcorder movie files & still pictures from the wedding - fits on a dvd fine, but i need to figure out why it’s crapping out on the make file part - this has nothing to do with burning - I can burn the resulting dvd image with nero no problem. this is all about rendering the movie (step 3 - make movie - where I’m creating a dvd disc image but not burning a disc - and have taken all previous advice about settings (no progressive encoging etc…) - at first glance, i thought this was a great piece of software - but it’s proving to be a piece of SH*T - I have spent about 20 hours dicking around with this -trying to get it to burn the final image (and yes - my pc is well over the specs & i have killed all unneccessary programs & processes - so it has plenty of resources)

[QUOTE=Movie Queen;2117001]Hello
I’m having such a time getting [I]Pinnacle Studio 12[/I] to [B]burn[/B] to a DVD. I’m running WinXP.

I moved from a PC with XP SP2 running V9.4 to a laptop running Vista and latest Pinnacle V12. I installed V12 onto the PC with XP and it would not complete the rendering process - ever. I am sure I read somewhere that V12 is not compatable with XP (or perhaps that Vista + is recommended).

Anyhow Vista on NEW 2.4 Ghz core 2 Duo laptop with 2G ram still struggles but will render and burn DVDs. i would move up to

I cannot get a ‘Play All’ command button to work though! If the scene selection menu M2 has placed a link somewhere that ‘returns to menu’ then the play all - even though executed from M1 menu - will hit the return to menu and do just that - stupid thing! I have always had problems with pinnacle Menus and V9 was disgusting. i hoped V12 would be great but it is only better.