Pinnacle studio 12 possible burning issues



Hi everyone, I am new to this forum so I really do appreciate any help or advise you can give me!!

I am quite a confindent user of Pinnacle Studio 12 (well at least with putting movies together and editing them) but now and again I come across issues with burning.

A new one arose yesterday that I can’t get my head round!!

I have made a movies, roughly 16min long which is about average. However, on this occasion I have used quite a lot of transitions between the clips. There are only 24000 frames so not massive amounts. I have been reading a few posts on this forum and I think I amy have a combination of problems. When I watch the film, still in the editing phase, all the transitions work perfectly. However, once burnt and played back on my DVD player all the transitions are wrong. They are no longer transitions but still images of one frame (if that makes sense) This is the first time it has happened and I have used transitions before with no problems, just not as many as I have this time.

Thing is, in my opinion the amount of transitions used shouldn’t be an issues so I have put it down to the following:

  1. I do have quite an old DVD writer (about 5 years old)

  2. Do I have the settings wrong on Pinnacle (although it has burn’t ok in the past but with less transitions)

  3. Does memory effect the dvd burners operations. I only have 1g

  4. Is Pinnacle the right software to use for burning.

I’m sorry to ask all these questions but just owndered where I should start!! Any suggestions would be really helpful. I’m not that technically minded so might need my hand holding - sorry!!! :o

Really do appreciate any help and guidance

Dan :disagree:


You might want to update the Pinnacle software to the latest version. Your PC also sound quite old, maybe time for an update. But it does sound like a setting problem in Pinnacle. Have you ever burned a good copy?


Thanks for your reply

After I had posted it I thought I’d answered my own question. The computer is on it’s way for a rebuild as we speak as when I spoke to the chap at the computer shop he didn’t think that it was quite powerful enough to run pinnacle.

I have completed several movies before without a hitch but there weren’t as many transitions between clips!! I’ll see how it runs when it comes back. Was thinking about getting Windows 7 but not too sure about it’s compatibility. Their websites sounds like it should be ok (they’ve run test runs without any problems) but you never know I suppose - any thoughts?

Thanks again


I hope the computer shop doesn’t take you for a ride. Its usually better to just build a new system. :wink: