Pinnacle studio 12 burn failure

Hi , my name is Dan and I have invested a tremendous amount of time in producing a video using pinnacle studio 12 ultimate and now I am getting the burning failed error that I am reading in the previous thread. I will grant you I am a newbie and this is a big project for a simple mind. I am trying to complete the DVD that I am producing of my Bonneville salt flats motorcycle racing exploits and I am truly frustrated . The learning curve as a fledgling neophyte has been monumental. Now I am getting close and I want to save my work. I can render , it produces a ts file and then starts to burn and then fails. I read that other people are having the same problem but no one posted a fix. I would assume that by now their must be some conclusion.
Any help on this would be appreciated. I downloaded and installed the patch, I checked for driver updates and I beleive I have the latest. My computer is a gateway and has a 600gig harddrive a fast processor and I think 1 gig of ram , I am using a external harddrive with a fire wire and I need to take a breath. I need direction on how or whare to find help , I am really stressing out on this. Thanks Dan

Have you followed the tutorial instructions, step by step? I had problems at first, getting my file to burn, because I was doing a step incorrectly, and my video file was not being selected to burn. I do remember that it is a bit tricky doing the steps in the proper sequence. Even after my first few burns, I had a couple of problems where I burned the wrong video to dvd.

Hi , again Harley , I can create the TS file and I then select it and call for the burn to disc , it then starts the burn then reports a failure . I have went to RW discs just to stop wasting the R’s . I have one RW that I cannot even erase , every time I put it in it locks up and the only way I can get it out is force a restart . Thanks again frustrated in Indiana. Dan

If you are even having problems trying to erase a disc, I would think that the problem is more related to your burner or media…

Thanks for the advice , I am able to burn dvd’s just fine using Roxio on the same machine and I burn’t a dvd of the wrong video using pinnacle instant dvd. I think I have some conflict or perhaps too many things running. I am afraid to try and do the reg edit as it is beyond my experience level and I do not know how to back it up. I made a AVI file and it plays just fine , I have a old version of Nero and I was hoping to do the work around , however when I tried the process was blocked as it said the file size is to large. The learning curve is large on this and I am afraid to make any mistakes . I have a hour long video and have hundreds of hours invested, I think it is pretty good for a first effort. I realize now that I should of experimented with a few small projects for experience sake. I am in over my head. Thanks Dan

You can always use pinnacle to create the mpeg2, and then use imgburn or a multitude of other applications to actually burn it to dvd…

[QUOTE=harley2ride;2278343]You can always use pinnacle to create the mpeg2, and then use imgburn or a multitude of other applications to actually burn it to dvd…[/QUOTE]

That is EXACTLY what I have been doing all along since I got my copy of Studio 12.1 Ultimate. ImgBurn allows me to do something that Studio by itself doesn’t: Burn BDMV images with HDV/MPEG2-encoded video to DVD rather than BD (if the image is small enough to fit). Sure, Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus and Ultimate support AVCHD burns onto DVD media - but then, it would have to transcode HDV/MPEG2 material to AVCHD. Such transcoding almost always results in a noticeable loss in image quality.

What’s more, the burning engine in Studio does not support bitsetting at all even if the optical disc recorder supports automatic bitsetting: The DVD+R discs burnt through Studio always came out with the DVD+R booktype.

I think you expect too much from an mainstream tool like Pinnacle studio 12…

[QUOTE=chef;2287992]I think you expect too much from an mainstream tool like Pinnacle studio 12…[/QUOTE]

Very true. That is exactly why I am “upgrading” to a prosumer editing package such as Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro… :wink:

(Though I’d have to admit that Pinnacle Studio 12 does have the “smart rendering” feature which can export videos to a file or disc with only a minimum amount of re-encoding - if the video almost exactly matches the project settings…)

pinnacle has always had this problem. i have found that you have to go into the delete files from the gfile manager and delete the newly made files. as well as the project files. then you also need to make sure you have saved your work before your burn and then after all that is done you make your movie sit back and let it burn.

i use this program alot in a pinch , but i am migrating to finalcut pro because i just got my mac and am learning it yet. i also use vegas 9 because it is really not to bad to learn. adobe is ok i don’t use it all that much and i have cs4.

i try to use program that are not resource hogs. i run a dual quad processor 2.8 with 8 gig ram so i think that is pretty fast. i use it for all my video work.

hope that helps ya out anyway

After about a year of the same frustration with Pinnacle Studio 12, I have resolved this issue by replacing my burner. The old burner was proving balky with Studio, Premiere and WinDVD. Sometimes it would burn, but usually I would get the burned failed message, in one form or another, from all 3 apps.

The new burner (Sony DRU 830A) is one that I yanked out of my older computer, then updated its software and firmware. It worked on the very first attempt to burn a DVD that had been rejected by Studio previously and repeatedly. I hope your outcome is also successful.

This is the fix I discovered for the Pinnacle ‘burning failed’ problem.

  1. Purge system of all traces of Nero. [Pinnacle apparently doesn’t like other burning programs.]
  2. Uninstall Norton Ghost. [Pinnacle apparently doesn’t like this program either.]
  3. Turn off internet connection so internet security program can be disabled. [Pinnacle apparently doesn’t like this program either.]
  4. Open Pinnacle ‘Make Movie’ and check that it recognises the blank disk. [In Settings]
  5. Wait until Windows asks what you want to do with the blank disk and cancel it. [I have autoplay set to ‘Ask every time’]
  6. Click ‘Create’

Hi, I’ve been going through some similar problems.

I’ve had various versions of Studio over the years and it’s always been a pain to burn DVDs that could be played on various machines. I agree with some people here who say that other burn programs (Nero, etc.) may cause problems, but here is my solution.

I’m using Verbatim DVD-R’s (16x) that I bought at BestBuy. I have read that the the brand of DVD blanks does matter and I agree with this. As of now, Verbatim is my choice.

In Studio, lower the data rate to 6000k/sec by changing the “Video Quality” to Custom. I always would try to be at “Highest Quality”, but the 6000k/sec doesn’t seem to noticeably affect the quality.

Also, set the write speed to “medium” or 8x.

With these settings, I can play DVD’s on PC’s, regular DVD players and several portable DVD players.

I should also add that I’m on a new Dell running Windows 7 64bit. Studio runs well and I don’t have much program-clutter yet. I am weary of installing something like Nero or an upgraded version of Roxio but that’s okay in my situation.

Right now I’m pretty happy. I am subscribed to this post so I will try to comment.

My last thought here is that burning DVD’s is much more complicated and difficult than it should be so once you get it working, be careful about deviating from what works!