Pinnacle Studio 11 wedding video



I am will be receiving an unedited dvd from our videographer of our wedding later this week. I was planning on using pinnacle studio 11 to edit the video once i receive it. I noticed most projects consist of different clips put together with transitions to create the final output, however since the video will be 1 long track, is it possible to create clips using PS11 after ripping the data from the dvd? If anyone has any suggestions or guides that would be very helpful.


All editors have a cut option to remove unwanted parts. That is what you use for adding transitions. You add it where the cut is.


Yes - PS11 is a very powerful editor that I have been using for about 4 years now, beginning with version 9. You will capture your video from the DVD into PS and it will be a single long track. Using the SPLIT CLIP tool you will be able to cut it into as many smaller pieces as you like. These smaller clips can then be deleted, rearranged, and/or segued together with or without transitions.

Although not a professional videographer, I have taped weddings for friends and then edited them with PS. My friends are always pleased at how professionally I can create a video with my single Canon DV camera and PS.