Pinnacle Liquid 6



Hi. I’m Brad & live in Green Bay, WI. I’m running on XP Pro and my video software is Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6. I bought it about 6 years ago and am still struggling with it. Newbie to this forum and am looking for help with error messages in Liquid when attempting to get home video DVD’s to import into Liquid 6. I have 8 DVD’s that were made by the same company from old 16mm & super 8 film; was successful in getting only one to import into Liquid. The rest of them trigger this warning message when attempting to import using Liquid’s import wizard: “File cannot be imported. Format or compression is not supported. VIDEO_TS.VOB”
Therefore, my question is, should I convert the video file to a .wmv and try again? These DVD’s obviously do not contain any audio, that will occur once they’re imported to Liquid. Is there a reliable program out there that will perform the conversion? All help is appreciated.


Does your editing program support mpeg2 as an import format? If so, it is relatively easy to remove the mpeg2 video found in the .vob container files of dvd-video.

My method is to use Vob2Mpg to turn the movie into one large mpeg2 file. Since your dvds aren’t encrypted you can do this conversion straight from the disk to the hard drive. Just use the Video_TS folder found on the disk as input for Vob2Mpg. This process will not degrade the quality of the video, you are just removing it from a container file.

Let us know if this works or not.


Thank you Kerry56. Here are the extensions Liquid searches for in its import wizard:

The Video Search Criteria that can be selected include: MPEG 2(.M2V,.MPG,.MPEG); Windows Media (.WMV); DV(.DIF); Uncompressed (.2VUY,.YUV); AVI(.AVI); MXF(.MXF); Quicktime(.MOV)

Will any of these do the trick?


That should work. Try one of your dvds with Vob2Mpg and find out. Though .vob is included in the extensions list, so I don’t know why it failed with them before.


Yes, I don’t know why it didn’t work either, as it loaded my first disk. I’ll give it a try and let you know. Thanks a bunch.