Pinnacle introduces VHS to DVD software

[LEFT]Yesterday Pinnacle announced a new product from their Dazzle family which should offer the next-generation of video archiving and editing solutions. Pinnacle speaks of an easy-to-use product, which means in Pinnacle’s point of view that inexperienced users will quickly know how to transfer, enhance and preserve their videos on DVDs. Besides being user-friendly, this solution should also provide you with the right software and export capabilities to YouTube and Yahoo Video.

You could use Dazzle Video Creator Plus if you want to backup videotapes on DVDs without all its usual editing. Because many still have their memories on VHS tapes, Pinnacle searched for a way to provide them with a simple solution.

“Unfortunately, videotapes can deteriorate in just five years, depending on the quality of the tape, the environment and the handling. Consumers put their special memories at risk by leaving them on tape,” says Leborgne, Vice President at Pinnacle.

Consumers can now take these memories to the successful DVD format by using their PC. [/LEFT]

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