Pinnacle intensifies competition with Instant Copy 8.0



I just posted the article Pinnacle intensifies competition with Instant Copy 8.0.

Pinnacle Instant Copy is one of those tools used to make backups of DVD discs. The software is best known for its high quality compression engine, that has been voted many times as…

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I used the version it whas ok specialy with the reg hacks from the MRBASS tutorial but the from the box version had a weird bug like on the bar it said 4,3 and in reality it made a 3.9 image that sucked,Hope its fixed in the 8.0 Second about the compression i hope/would like to see a option to use a external compressor like cce i rater decode 12 hours then a 2 hours rip with lesser quality. Any way its a great and easy to use program to make a fast and easy rip/backup of your dvd i am going to give this new one a try :B


Tested the new option with PIGLET BIG MOVIE… direct copy… 20 min to do the job… quality = original tomorow will test with a DVD9 to DVD5 looks promissing :d