Pinnacle Instant CD-DVD

I bought recently a LG-GSA4082B burner and the retailer gave me the Instant CD-DVD SE software for free…
I tried the soft… and discovered that my just new LG-GSA4082B was not in the burners list.
I mailed Pinnacle… and, after 4 answers, they recognize:
“”"If your burner is not on the list of compatible burners I’m afraid we don’t support it.
Please check again in later stage.

Hope this helps.
Regards Kerstin
Pinnacle Techs"""

Sorry Kerstin, but your answer doesn’t helps…

there is an update list available from their site (support section)

my DVR-107D wasn’t listed either, but I was able to use the 106D driver just fine since it is a similar drive, but i downloaded the update list and now i can select the 107D driver.

Yea could anyone tell me how to copy dvd’s with that program or direct me to a thread that can? This program is a p.o.s. from everything I’ve encountered and being underbudgeted and living with parents(still in highschool) I’m needing a little help. I don’t care about perfect audio or picture… hi fi is the least of my concerns… I just need to know how to copy dvd’s to take back and forth from my dads house. Thanks a lot guys!