Pinnacle fails to load mp3's

Hi can anyone help. Making a slideshow with pinnacle studio 9 when i try put music on it just keeps sayinf “failed to load mp3.”
I know it can be done, i downloaded it from kazza at fist and love the program then this problem started so i bought the software thinking it would solve the problem
I have all the latest drivers on with windows updates and direct x 9c, no viruses and no spyware.
Thanks terry. :bow:

I had a similar problem but found something that would correct the problem… at least in my situation. Try this: go to and download a program called “switch”. It’s mostly free; there will be parts of it that won’t work unless you pay for those features. Download and install this program. Then any sound files that you try to run in studio nine that gives you the Audio failed to load error message, try converting them with this switched program. Convert them into wav files (even if they are wav to begin with) and then try the new file in your project within studio 9. You can also convert from wav to mp3 and then back again if necessary. By converting the sound file to a different format, may be all that you need to do. Hope this helps.