Pinnacle DVD quality is no better than SVCD



I edited video from my Sony Hi8 using Pinnacle Studio 8, but when I burned
a DVD from Pinnacle & played it in my DVD player, the quality was no better
than an S-VCD. It was grainy. When I play the video directly form the Pinnacle software, on my PC, the quality is very good.
I also tried making an MPG2 video, which looks great on the PC, & burning that to a DVD. The quality of the video was no better.
Anyone have any answers?
Thanks, :eek:


No, but a lot of questions.
What aspect ratio is the original, the result?
What framerate is the original, the result?
What bitrate is the …, …?


OK, I get it… but I’m new to video editing.
What are the right answers for getting good quality DVD video?
Or , can you point me to a good source for this info?
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You need to know the details of your source.
Get Gspot and load your source video.
Take note of the stuff I mentioned above.
I don’t use Pinnacle (too buggy), but someone else that does can probably help with the output, once we know the details of the input :smiley:


Pinnacle’s too buggy, I’ll say!
Can you recommend something better that’s not over $100.00 ?
Thanks again, :iagree:


Nope. :smiley:
If you want good quality output, you’re going to probably invest in decent software.
There are better standalone apps, that do one thing, and do it very well, and the combination makes a superb dvd.
Get a dedicated encoder. There are lots, try them all, buy the one you like best. Canopus Procoder, Mainconcept mpeg encoder, Tmpgenc, QuEnc…
Get a dedicated authoring app. There are lots, top of the list ones retail for well over $500. Try DVDLab ( as probably the best for under $200.
There are also better capturing apps. I use Virtualdub, it’s free, there are more.
Do some searching in the Tools section at and download some trials. keep whatever works best for you.


Thanks for your advice…I tried EditStudio W/ MPEG XS which includes
Mainconcept codec just to see if there was a difference. Well, I recevied
capture eror & very poor quality. I know this wasn’t your aexact advice but I thought I 'd try a trial version. You said “Mainconcept mpeg encoder” did you mean codec?


Oh, I did download GSpot & it tells me that the original Aspect ratio is 720x480,
bitrate of 28897 kb and Frame rate of 29.97.
Don’t know result yet. I’m guessing you mean Result of vieo created in Pinnacle?


OK, your original file is very good quality. What are you capturing at in Studio? I was never able to capture in Studio so I was using Showbiz, and I had to set that at the very highest capture rate to get decent quality MPEG2 files.

What could also be going on here is high compression… like if you are burning a long project, Pinnacle has to compress that video to fit on a DVD. I found Pinnacle’s compression to be fairly poor.

As far as software goes, if you’re willing to invest the time to learn it, you can find previous versions of Adobe Premier on Ebay for under $100. Make sure you find one that says “brand new, unopened” etc… I got a retail copy of Premiere 6.0, unopened, for $85. You can capture and edit in that, then write an image file that can be burned with Nero (or whatever burning software you have), or you can get a standalone authoring tool.

Also, a good site to look at is:


A 720x480 mpeg is already dvd compliant. Just author it.
If you want to cut parts out, or add transitions, make sure you do them at the same resolution, and high bitrate.
Save your project at it’s highest bitrate, then author.
If it’s too big to fit on dvdr, use dvdshrink to fit.
Others will argue that one should be saving at a bitrate that produces an mpeg that will automatically fit, but this doesn’t always maintain the quality you may want.
Premiere is definitely better than Pinnacle.


This is exactly what I found. Saving at a lower bitrate significantly lowered the quality, at least in my case.

Also, be aware that Pinnacle leaves a few files in the DVD structure that will cause Shrink/Recode to say it’s not a valid DVD structure. If you delete those files, you will be fine. I can’t remember exactly what they were named, but it seems like they didn’t have any extension, so it should be easy to pick them out.


Thanks for all of your help. :slight_smile: