Pinnacle and need help


I am currently using pinnacle to do all my home video editing. I would like to capture from a commercial movie that part in the beginning where the digital master part that comes down and use in my home movies. Does anyone know how to capture a section of a dvd with the computer as a .AVI or some usable file? Thanks in advance for your help!

I assume you are talking about Pinnacle Studio? Which version do you have?

I believe that is possible starting Studio [B]Plus[/B] 9.

Yes, Pinnacle studio 9. When i play my dvd in the computer player I never get the video to show up in the active or cature window. Can you help?

First, there are three tabs: 1 Capture, 2 Edit, 3 Make Movie

Click the Edit tab. Then:
File > Import DVD Titles > [Select your dvd drive where your DVD movie is] > Check the titles to import > click Import.

Thanks Zevia, I am importing one of the dvd titles now but it is taking some time. What i am trying to do is capture that cool clip in the beginning of movies that scrows around the screen and says “digitally mastered” with the cool surround effects so i can put it to my home movies. What would be the easiest way to do that? Thanks again!

So you want to crop that “Dolby Digital” or “DTS Surround” trailer?

There are several ways and it can be done without Pinnacle. But Pinnacle can also do this and mantain the 5.1 audio as long as you have the optional package (I believe Dolby 5.1 Encoding). If you have the optional encoder and your home movies are already set as Studio projects, then I would go with Studio.

If you dont have the encoders there are free applications available to process the trailer but I can’t remember on top of my head.

Since the trailer is most likely its own title/movie on the DVD, a quick and easy way to grab the clip would be to use DVD Shrink.

  1. Make sure the DVD is not decrypted
  2. Open the DVD in DVD Shrink
  3. Select Reauthor mode
  4. From the Extras branch (most likely), locate the title/trailer you want to use and drag to the DVD Structure window.
  5. Backup the DVD
  6. Just demux the VOB file from the Shrink output for a 100% perfect copy of the original clip.

If the clip is combined with others, you can always use a freeware app like Cuttermaran to cut out the specific clip you want from the Shrink output. If you can find the trailer from the original DVD VOBs, you could skip Shrink, and just use Cuttermaran to cut out the trailer. It might involve more searching through the VOBs which would be time consuming, so the Shrink option may be faster in the long run.

Thanks Daemonicus!!! Worked great!! what is the best way to convert these vob files to avi files so i can use them in my pinnacle 9 studio? Thanks again!!!

My next problem is a 30 clip is .5 gig and my computer can not handle it. Should I use another format?

i figured it out. Thanks!!