Pinnacle 9 Problem

I have this software with my Dazzle DVC 90 capture card…but when i capture footage the audio does not match the footage…the lip synching is out of time for example…the first 5 seconds will be perfect but then as the video goes on the time will become more and more out…and by the end the audio will be like a minute behind where it should be?! i have uninstalled the software and reinstalled it, but it has made no difference…please help!

Pinnacle 9 is known to be buggy software. What might help, is try capturing the audio with one pass, then capture the video on a second pass. Or, get better quality hardware/software. Also try defragging your HD before capturing, and shutdown any unnecessary background processes.

What do you mean capture the audio with one pass and then the video? sorry im not very good with all this technical stuff! i am going to try to cut a ton of processes right now as someone else has said this.thanks for the help