Pinnacle 12 Ultimate Recording problem

I have just rebuilt my computer and now use Windows 7 instead of xp.
I use pinnacle 12 ultimate for making movies. Everything works ,but when I record the dvd from the program, it records and plays on my computer, but on my TV is comes up with unable to access… Anyone know the issue or have had this same problem and can help

Welcome to the forums.

Is the exact format of your movies dvd-video, or is it something else that you simply burn as data to a blank dvd disc? DVD-video consists of .ifo, .bup and .vob files within a Video_TS folder, often accompanied by an empty Audio_TS folder.

If they are dvd-video, is it possible to save to the hard drive and use another program to do the actual burn to a disc? If that is possible, I would recommend doing a test burn. Download and install a burning program called ImgBurn.

If you need instructions on how to burn dvd-video folders to a disc using ImgBurn, here is a tutorial:

Thanks Kerry, I will try your suggestion…