Pinnacle 12 rendering problem

I have completed a video and rendered it to a disc…no probs, but on viewing the video found a few errors in text and a particular procedure in the story.

Back to the timeline and added 2 extra chapters to make it more easy to watch as it is 150 mins long.
When I went to render again an error message refered to a video segment was too short and to rectify same and try again.
Checked all was well and all buttons were functioning on the dvd play area.
All chapters returned to the scene selection screen after the chosen chapter was finished and everything was correct. However I still can not render to a disc. It will render to a file on the hard drive but will not to a disc for some unknown reason. How it did so when I first rendered is beyond me .
Can anyone help me as I AM AT MY WITS END.

Thanks…and hope this is in the right place

Try using FixVTS on the DVD .