Pinnacle 10.7 projects play back at 2-3 times normal



I recently purchased Pinnacle 10.6 and downloaded the .7 patch. I am attempting to edit and burn videos of various trips we’ve taken. The editing is going really well and when I play the edited project on the computer it plays back perfectly. However when I burn it on a LG HL DT DVD Ram GSS 4167B DL11 burner the movie plays at 2-3 times the normal speed. I have checked and rechecked my Pinnacle settings, am burning in low speed (but on x16 Memorex - R disks) I’m using a PC that was supposedly built for just this type of activity (2gigs of RAM - 600 gigs of harddrive - a good video card, etc) Pinnacle has been very good over their “live chat” and are suggesting that it must be a “media” problem - any ideas??


What media are you using? There are many different manufacturers for Memorex. If you have CDSPEED, run a disk quality test on your burned dvd, and see what it reports back. In CDSPEED there is a scan speed setting. Different burners work with different scan speeds. I believe your burner is supposed to use 4X setting. Your Quality score should be somewhere around 90% for a good burn. Anything lower than 87% is not very good. If you have questions after that, post back here.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the quick response. I will try and download the necessary software and do the test and then get back to you.


Hello Again Rob,
I think that I have run the test you suggested. Here are the scores: Speed av. 4.31x, Start 4.28, end 4.35, type cav. I did get a message, “Error, Logical Block address our of range.” The manufacturer is Ritek. Random 67ms, 1/3 68ms and full 84 ms, CPU usage: 1x 6%, 2x 10%, 4X21%. 8x N.A. Surface scan: good 100%, damaged 0% bad 0%,. Does this help?


Ritek are bad bad bad. Extremely inconsistent media, unless you are using the old 4x stuff. Can you post a screen shot of the CDSPEED Disk Quality Test here? That would help a bunch. But I would recommend that you do not use Ritek for anything that is important. If you do some searches here on it, you will see what I mean. I’m betting that you will find about 90% negative comments on it.


Hi Rob,

That’s good to know but unfortunate since I purchase 50 to them. I would be delighted to post the page that shows the test results but I don’t know how. Is there a simple way to do it. As retired Canadians we are leaving Sunday for a week in the souther sun. So don’t give up on me - I will make contact again we return. Thanks again for your time.