Pinnacle 10.6 audio drift

Hi all: I’m a newbie here. I started with Pinnacle Studio 8 and the DC10Plus capture card (also a Pinnacle Product). I am now using Pinnacle Studio 10.6 (same capture card).

And the common problem is audio drift. Has anyone figured this out. The Pinnacle site is full of complaints but no answers on this one.

Swamp Daddy :a

Try capturing just the video on one pass, then the audio on another pass. Then import the video in studio, import the audio, and place the video on the video track, the audio on the audio track, and see if the problem goes away.
Things that can cause drift are: not capturing using two seperate HD’s (one for software, one for data), not defragging hd’s prior to capture, frame loss during capture, electronic interferance (sometimes folks have to move the capture card to a different slot). As you can see, there are numerous things to try. Change one thing at a time, until you see what helps.