Pimp Name

Similar to the prison name engine.


Silicon Slick Dr Dogg

mine is Reverend M. Dazzle :iagree:

LOL… mine is:

Dopetastic R. Flex :bigsmile:

I also put my Grandmother’s name in, and she would be “Ice Master D. Shmoove”. :bigsmile:

Ice Master Airhead Rockefeller :confused:

Yo blood were`s me bitches at.

my names is:Silicon Slick acko Fresh

Sheik M. Clinton

If you use the same name more than once, its always a different result, I think it’s just very random, anyway, the two I liked was the first and second to last ones that I got:

Papa D. Squeeze
Ice Master D. Dogg

Namoh = D. Magical Smooth
Real name = Suede S. Flava

“Funk Master A. Trump”

(doesn’t sound too “pimpy” to me… however, if the name includes the money of Donald Trump, I’m not complaining :))

mine is


Choose one :stuck_out_tongue:

Big Playah K. Sneed
Devious Honey kalas Slick
Deacon Dr. kalas Skillz

Real name = Master Fly Daniel Shmoove
Debro = Pimp Daddy Debro Trump

It doesn’t sound too pimpy, but Sugartastic J. Love is what I’ve been named after ;).

I clicked again and got Funk Master Schadde Joker which wasn’t better, but more likely since they call me Joker :frowning:

The funny part is someone had to actually come up with these names to put in the program.:bigsmile: