Pilot drunk


BUCHAREST – Romanian airline Tarom canceled a flight to Bucharest because the pilot was suspected of being drunk before takeoff from London’s Heathrow airport, it said on Friday.

They should have let him fly then he could fly the plane upside down so people could get a better view of heaven above.

Awesome! Tarom has glass bottomed planes, because everyone knows the Best view of the world is from between your legs … very inspiring!
Works for astrologists, because all their work is obviously out of their asses.

Here I thought that was the point of flying on a turkish airliner was because you wanted to have your family collect on your travel insurance…

I’ll never forget the airliner on charter in the carribean that had mud dauber wasps plug up the pito tubes and the faulty instrument readings that resulted from that caused a crash shortly after takeoff.

Arrrr … gotcha … no glass bottom planes … the bottom of the plane just falls off mid-flight.