Pile of coasters via GH22NS40 AND GS22NS50



I dont think this can be a writer specific problem ,but I cannot see where else to post .
I have a multi OS system via HyperOS ,including several installs of windows 7 ,from home basic N to ultimate in 32 and 64 bit , also vista 32bit installation.
I simply cannot burn an mp4 file(or any other) to disk ,it hangs at anything between 80% and 99% but it hangs every time ,I have tried it in every system I have so its not a software conflict as some of them have not yet been updated since fresh install. I have tried around 4 different burning programs including windows own utility .but nothing completes . whatever the program ,it will show failing to respond when close to completion. and the disc continues to spin at fairly high speed but it wont complete .even a restart wont stop the disk spinning ,only a shutdown halts the progress .
both of the writers are SATA , I did notice this problem last year but at the time I had a IDE drive attached too and that worked perfectly .
I would say it must be driver related as only the SATA drives do this ,is this a known issue ,or maybe I have missed some bios setting I need to alter ,Its driving me nuts , I have a large pile of coasters already ,several different makes TDK taio ,etc., so it is not the discs.

Help ,Please ???


Try a Live Linux System in order to see if there is the same problem.



my mainboard has 6 sata connectors ,5 main and 1 esata. I noticed in the bios that I had configured my main drives on SATA 0 and 1 (raid 0 ) where configured to use ahci ,I found an option to set ports 4 and 5 (SATA 3 and 4) from SATA type to IDE ,so I give it a go and have had 2 complete burns with 2 different softwares ,looking good so far . now if I can only figure out why the utube mp4 vids are going out of synch (sound and vid)


Hi I have the same problem.

I have XP SP3 on a DELL D600 laptop.
I think that this is due to a Windows or Zone Alarm update or a virus.
I use Windows Defender. I did a full scan and nothing has been found - which leads me to think that it is an update problem.

I use Nero 6 to copy non-protected DVDs. I have never had a problem until last week.

Initially I thoought that it was due to loading an old DVD editing sofware - but I have removed this and I still get the same problem - copying stops between 90-98%.

The program does work if I reboot the machine.

Also I have CyberLink Director 4 installed and that has started to malfunction with a C++ runtime error.
The old software did install .NET 2 but I have now removed this and still get the problem - Director will not run.

My machine has been doing funny things like not loading a web page. I have Zone Alarm Firewall and I think that this was updated recently also.

Hopefully I have a previous version of ZA and a Restore point before the updates, which I will try.

If anyone knows why this is happenong then an answer would be greatly appreaciated.


Mine is now cured ,it was not down to any software conflicts ,and was purely down to the fact it was a sata drive ,and I had not originally taken enough notice of my bios settings ,my hard drives are raided and were set up to use ahci method , there was an option to switch sata ports 4 and 5 to use IDE ,but I had initially missed it . all working fine now ,100% burns in all softwares ,and no more coasters .


[QUOTE=ron1271;2565766]Hi I have the same problem.


Nope. You don’t have the SAME problem.


gh22ns40 high jitter burn ritek f16 and mbi media 10-12,8%
this is nornal or a burning tire ?


[QUOTE=tibibaba01;2671862]gh22ns40 high jitter burn ritek f16 and mbi media 10-12,8%
this is nornal or a burning tire ?[/QUOTE]

It’s normal for this media, maybe with better media you will get lower Jitter.