Pika One

I have recently purchased a Pika One external DVD burner. As of yet it has not produced anything more than expensive coasters. DVD files are jumpy and when i back up my mp3 files i get cycle redundancy cycle errors when i try to read. I am using PC Line dvd - rw disks. Help. Oh and it only burns at 1X. It is attached to a Dell latitude laptop with a USB connection.
Cysmiles :frowning:

I’m having the same trouble, dell latitude. I could get it to burn CD’s, though it produced a coaster once, with burn proof on no less! i still cannot get it to do DVD writing. It reads them fine though. Thinking this may have something to do with usb1.1 throughput (from the laptop usbports) i bought a firewire pcmcia card, and am having exactly the same problem.

any luck with yours?