Pika One Flycase Tv

hello! ill try and post again! I typed a post which promptly after i attempted to put it on cd freaks told me i wasnt logged in so here goes agiain! nice to be here :bow: I hope you can help me please! Ive bought a pika one flycase tv 320gb hardrive, great but it wont play dvd files as stated on the box , well it does! but no sound! also I have an nv3 camera this it too plays clips fantastic no sound! I used my head and fathomed out that this is to do with codecs etc as it works fine on the pc but not tv playback,pika one know apparently all about this but have yet to sort it out!I tried converting xvid to mp4 video format but got squeaky interference on sound playback why i dont know! but it was annoying so i binned the file! I did this with nero , but decided against converting all my dvd movies as it would take too long! I visited the site of pika one but there is no update to upgrade the unit yet, can anyone recommend a really good conversion software that can deal with xvid off a nv3 camera and a good general all round conversion software as well id really appreciate it . with no adaware etc ha ha! :slight_smile: