Pigment ink

just got an epson r800 with a cis and must say its a great printer, however just been looking at the prices of bottles of pigment ink and its around 4 times the price of dye based.
would it be possible to use the dye based ink in this system as i have seen people selling them on ebay for the r800, and if so would i need to totally clear the pigment ink from the cis.
i will be useing the printer almost exclusivley for disc printing

I think you can but don’t take my word for it. Below is a link to a very good forum regarding inkjet printers. I am sure you can find the information you want there.


thank you utr for the link, will take a good look.
really dont want to mess this printer up as it is by far the best i have bought

Especially for Epson printers. Their print heads are expensive and difficult to replace.