Pif's.. how do they influence pie's? or do they even?

hi, attached are two images of a recent scan i’ve made. the burned dvd is 2.7gigs big. i don’t know about the rest of you, but i’m a bit concerned about the highly concentrated pif’s at the beginning. (i’m spoiled w/the verb’s 8x made in taiwan, which sadly aren’t produced anymore & which gave me much lower pif’s in the first place over all) do anyone know about the influence pif’s have on pie’s? on the first scan you could see that the pif’s have influence on the pie’s, on the second scan it isnt’n as much obvious. my question would be, what are you guys think, is it save to archive this one? even if it’s not a classic ‘full dvd-5’

pls gimme your thoughts. thx :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with your burns whatsoever. They are excellent burns, they are not even remotely approaching anything to be concerned with.

Getting a picture perfect PI/PO scan is all fine and dandy, but it’s way overblown. People get too obsessed with getting perfect scans, your discs will be just as functional as a burn with zero PIF.

yea… pie is fine, but the highly pif’s at the beginning are of my concern and the connection high pifs at the beginning results in high pies is a bit frightening… as those failures are increasing over time :frowning:

I find it frightening that you find them frightening and that you are as concerned as you are about the PIF levels of them :frowning:

If you are really as anal about perfection as you seem to be, you should be using a better burner than a Liteon anyway. :flower:

pif’s are failures of the second read correction of my drive, which could not been fixed whatsoever… so yea, i’m concerned :smiley: especially if there’s a link to pie’s…

oh and yea my anal drive (thats how you put it, right?) is only being used for scanning :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, don’t be so concerned about it. PIFs are a fact of life, and with a total PIF of 1xx and max levels of 2, you are being way too paranoid. Your scans are excellent.

I have hundreds of discs with PIF levels 10x or more of your scans at the time of their burns, many of them burned 2 or more years ago, their PI/PIF scans are still perfectly fine. Yes, in general PI/PIF levels do increase over time, and some of my discs have had mild increases in PI/PIF levels. But at the rate they are increasing on my discs, it will probably take 20 years before they are of any concern. And this is with discs with error levels 10 times as high as your discs. You are getting worried about nothing.

thanks for your opinion, scoobiedoobie

anyone else?

Those are perfect scans, relax.

Reality check: scan a pressed DVD-ROM for comparison.

Good example I hadn’t thought of suggesting for comparison. The pressed discs I’ve occasionally tested the past couple of years have higher error levels than his scans.

Ditto, they’re not just good but perfect.

Incorrent limbo. Those PIF are failures of the first level read correction of the drive that are corrected by the second level level. Actually in this case they are corrected with ease as there’s a maximum of two PIF’s in any scan block. You could have rather a lot more PIF’s and still have the second level error correction coping just fine.

Those scan are fine, good scans by most peoples standards.

Nothing wrong with those scans in any way. The repeatable PIF spikes in the beginning are strange though. Never seen that here… all my TYs have random PIFs spread out across the disc. Any physical damage to that spindle?


Looks like a great scan to me…I like Liteon myself


I scanned a dual layer dvd with cd-speed i was supprised how many pif’s it had.

You are wrong - the PIFs are simply uncorrectable PIE - You are confusing things with POFs which are simply uncorrectable errors, period - something you nEVER want to have on your disc - and in your case you have none and you have 2 excellent scans…that are well within specs… There is absolutely NOTHING to be concerned with, it is a very small concentration and it never exceeds 2… I’ve seen scans with litteraly thousands of PIFs, but all below 4 and all are just fine… Both your TOTAL PIE/PIFs are excellent… You can sleep fine now :slight_smile: You ain’t seen a bad scan - and hope you don’t because you might actually get a heart attack :smiley:

@chille… dood this looks bad.
all other -r’s out of this batch?! seem to produce even more pifs. damnit i whish the industrie would produce some more -r, like this (anyone else notice a drawback when it comes to quality):

That scan is really close to being perfect…the way it was splainded to me, the process itself is responsible fpr a few PIF’s so all is well.