PIF's and movie chapters-relating the two

Nero quality reports are handy in identifying high PIF areas on a disk. It would be nice if I could somehow know which chapter or spot in the movie has the high error/failure sector. Then I could pop the disk in my DVD player, go to that chapter, and check to make sure it read OK at that spot on the disk (and not have to watch the entire movie).

Does anyone know of a program that will/can relate the two? Could save LOTS of heartache and time!



Check which point (GB) the errors occur and then guess which of the vob files contain that section by adding up the size of the vobs.

picree, prepare yourself with IfoEdit and calculator. I know it’s not an easy application to handle, but you will be able to master your media down to last sector and byte. Please also consult IfoEdit forum.

If IfoEdit looks to difficult you can try IsoBuster. Download a copy (limited freeware) and check out their sector viewer. File rescue and file to ISO converter function can also come handy some day.

Read here how to convert sectors to bytes and vice versa. Thanks to agent009.

BTW, If you can forget about high PIE´s and PIF´s for a while but still wanna check your burn quality, you can just run file- and surface error test in CD/DVD Speed -ScanDisc-… :smiley:

Thanks Pinto…IsoBuster looks interesting. I’ll try that.

I tried the file- surface test…OK but they take even longer than PIE/PIF scans. But, I will keep that in mind as an alternate test to run. My STB DVD player is really weak so it’s hard to tell when a disk will not work (the more tests the better). The slightest run of PIFs and an entire chapter falls out.

Is it reasonable to scan on the stand alone player at say 8,16,32, 128 times normal speed, and see if there is a pause.
Or would that just jump over bad spots and you wouldn’t see any pause/stop/slowdown of playback.
I had some disks that were bad, and when I fast forwarded on my stand alone, they would hang at the bad area.